REVIEW by @_Shoe_Girl_: Lover's Leap by Emily March (@EmilyMarchBooks)

Twenty years ago the town bad boy, Cam Murphy, left Eternity Springs in handcuffs, riding in the back of a sheriff’s van . . . and breaking young Sarah Reese’s heart. The defiant teenager vowed never to return.
In Australia, Cam makes a new beginning. He builds a successful business and suffers few regrets until Sarah—and their daughter—walk into his life, and then immediately run away. Realizing it’s time to right yesterday’s wrongs, he follows Sarah home to Colorado—and turns her world upside down.
Cam wants to know his daughter. He needs to prove to Sarah, the town, and himself that he’s changed. Will the residents of Eternity Springs offer forgiveness—and will Sarah have the courage to trust this man who is asking for a second chance?
I think this is my favorite book in the Eternity Springs series.  There was less focus on the “Angels” in this book, which I liked.  While the concept of Angels is cute, and good for more religious people, its just not my cup of tea so to speak.  That said, the Angels don’t deter me from the books, because they’re done in a way that does seem to fit perfectly into the stories.  Anyways!
Sarah and Lori won a contest, their prize being a wonderful trip to Australia!  They have a wonderful time, and as their last adventure on the trip, they are supposed to go scuba diving (well, Lori is.  Sarah never did learn how).  Neither of them expects what happens when they board the boat that is supposed to take them to the reef.  They come face to face with Cam.  Yes, THAT Cam.  The Cam that broke Sarah’s heart, and that is Lori’s Dad.  Yikes.  Seeing Cam and finding out about a surprise they were expecting even less than ever “bumping into” Cam, they turn around and go home early.
Cam’s world is turned upside down after seeing Sarah and Lori.  He is finally in a good place, owns his own successful business, etc.  While he’s waited 20 years to meet Lori, this wasn’t how he planned on it.  Now, he gets the business squared away for him to take time off and heads to Eternity Springs, to finally meet his daughter.  
To say having Cam back in Eternity Springs is unexpected is very much an understatement!  The whole town is in shock that the “bad boy” is back and at the announcement/scene he makes at the festival.  Can Sarah, Lori, & Cam work out all their issues?  Yes, but it will take work.  And, a plan from Celeste.

I give Lover’s Leap 4 1/2 Heels.

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