REVIEW by @_Shoe_Girl_ : Baby It's Cold Outside by Addison Fox (@AddisonFox)

After a frantic call, Sloan McKinley travels to the heart of the Alaskan wilderness to be there for her best friend, who’s just inherited property in the small town of Indigo. The last thing she expects is to be lured by the town’s matriarchs into their annual contest to get their grandsons married off. 
But Sloan can’t deny the appeal of the rugged local men-Walker Montgomery in particular. Soon she finds herself falling in love with the wild outdoors…and with one of Indigo’s most beloved residents. There’s just one question that remains: is the town’s most confirmed bachelor ready to get caught?
Oh my gosh!  I grabbed this book a few months ago (shortly before Christmas), and put it in my “to be read” pile.  I’m so glad I picked it up!  
Sloan McKinley is an ugly-duckling turned swan, and still single, much to her mothers shame.  After yet another bad date Sloan flies from Manhattan to Alaska after a phone call from her best friend Grier.  Grier is shunned by all the residents in the small town after she flies in to claim the house her father left to her in his will.  Sloan arrives in town and proceeds to sway public opinion on Grier.  In the process, she meets the locals (not hard to do in a town of just over 700 residents) including Walker Montgomery who is Grier’s lawyer.
Walker Montgomery loves his life in Alaska.  He got out of the State for his college years, has seen enough to know Alaska is where he wants to be.  He also knows he doesn’t want to get married.  Ever.  Having his father confess to him that he was cheating on his mother and that his father thinks it is no big deal convinces Walker that getting married will only end badly.  Surely he has the same gene as his father, right?!
The town Grandmothers (Walker’s Gram being one) have a yearly “Great Bachelor Competition”.  They aren’t getting any younger and they want their stubborn Grandsons to settle down and have babies already!  Local women and women from the “lower 48” compete and auction for dates of the towns eligible bachelors.  Not only does is benefit the town from all the extra revenue, but it has made some successful connections in years past.  Sloan agrees to join the competition as research for her latest article, as does Grier.  
Sloan and Walker have very strong chemistry.  Is that enough to overcome Walker’s take on marriage, and the fact that Sloan lives in Manhattan?  Can Grier overcome the obstacles preventing her from moving into her father’s house?  Some questions are answered in this book, some we’ll have to wait for the answers to!  
Overall, I LOVED this book!  I admit to being a little shocked at some of the language (the “f bomb” is used quite a few times), which I wasn’t against, I just don’t typically see it from the other authors I read.  I have a mouth like a trucker, so the swears make the book more real to me.  Who really goes thru life w/out a good curse now and then?!  😉  From what I can find, this is Addison Fox’s first “romance” novel (her other books being paranormal) and I think she did an amazing job!  I can’t wait until November, when Come Fly with Me (the next book in the series) is released!  

 I give Baby It’s Cold Outside 4 Heels.

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