REVIEW: Ghost of a Memory: Betty Boo Series #3 by Beth Dolgner – Release Date Mid-March (@BethDolgner)

A month after losing Maxwell, Betty “Boo” Boorman is feeling lonely, isolated, and desperate to get away from reminders of her demon ex-boyfriend. When rival ghost hunter Carter Lansford approaches Betty with a wild story about zombies, Betty jumps at the chance to investigate. An abandoned island resort off the coast of Georgia is infested with the walking dead, and a preservation team has asked Betty and Carter for help. The only thing worse than spending two weeks on an uninhabited island with Carter is having the whole thing filmed for a new reality show. As Betty tries to put on a brave face for the camera, she faces stubborn ghosts, rotting corpses, and one very handsome historian.
Ok, kids.  Did you like Ghost of a Threat and Ghost of a Whisper?  If so, you will LOVE Ghost of a Memory! 
With the 3rd installment of the Betty Boo series, author Beth Dolgner has invited us to follow Betty on a post-breakup trip.  In an attempt to clear her head of the Maxwell induced cobwebs, she agrees to go on this adventure with Carter.  I know, right??  Carter???  He’s so……well, not Maxwell!  But that is sort of the point.  After Ghost of a Whisper and the part he played in helping with the Maxwell rescue, I even have to admit that I developed a bit of a soft spot for Carter.  I would like to think that his normally vapid personality is just a front to seem all untouchable or whatever.  Deep down, he’s definitely got a good guy buried in there.  Once in a great while, he lets said good guy peek out and make an appearance.  Ghost of a Memory gives you a spattering of these moments.  Carter is a character that, much like a weird fungus, is starting to really grown on me.  Does this mean I am starting to have visions of him and Betty picking out wedding invitations???  Not so much.  I just think that he’s making a turnaround.  Carter is actually proving to be a good friend to Betty and I’m thinking that as days go forward, Betty is going to need those types of people surrounding her.
Speaking of friends…
Ghost of a Memory opens up with some new concerning some of Betty’s friends.  I won’t say what it is because that would ruin it but you find out on page one.  Literally. 
As with the rest of this series, Ghost of a Memory is a very well-woven mystery.  The reader is given clues here and there to keep interest solidly held but at the same time, it isn’t predictable.  I thought I had everything all figured out about half way through and to my credit, I had a few of the details right.  However, only a few.  I was FLOORED when I reached the big reveal.  I did NOT see that ending coming…at all!  The twist in the mystery is a damn good one and I’d be surprised to find out that ANYONE figures it out prior to the big reveal.  And that is the way a mystery should be written.  Who wants to read a predictable mystery??  Not I. 
Also, the synopsis mentions a “cute historian”.  He’s smart.  He’s ruggedly handsome (although, he’s got nothin’ on Maxwell).  And he’s got the hots for Betty.  Could he be the new love of her life????  You’re going to have to read Ghost of a Memory to find out!! 
Overall, I am giving Ghost of a Memory 5 stars.  I genuinely feel that this is a terrific series and I can’t wait for #4 to come out.  Until then, I have to watch Betty Boo and the Savannah Spirits Seekers drift into the land of Literary Limbo (click here to find out what that means). 
Also, if you have never seen it, I encourage you to read the guest post that Beth Dolgner wrote for Pure Textuality.  It’s called ‘Write What You Know, Paranormal Style’.  Click here to check it out!
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