REVIEW by @Fidget78: The Job Offer by Edmond Barrett

Situation vacant: Operative Required, post includes full training, international travel and slight to moderate chance of death. No allergies to animals preferred. 
Jennifer Graham has a dead-end job, a grotty apartment and a boyfriend who was last seen skipping town with every cent she owned. An ordinary life, until the night a tall dark stranger breaks into her home, and offers her a job. A secret organisation wants Jennifer, why they will not say, but introduced to a world of myths and monsters, for Jennifer the race is on. Can she learn enough about this new world – and herself – to survive it.

The synopsis for this novella is low key for a pretty interesting work  Some people might pass by Mr. Barrett’s little gem.  Thank goodness I’m curious and the book was very reasonable priced.
The Job Offer starts with a scene titled, “The past”.  You know it’s gotta be important for it even to be mentioned. Then the book starts right in with the heroine, Jennifer, enduring a dead end job and poor living conditions.  Enter the stranger, Douglas (whose real name turns out to be Collin), with a sexy British accent and a mysterious job offer.
Along the way, Jennifer learns there really are monsters living along side the ordinary people and some monsters are hunted but other less troublesome ones are not. Confused?  Jennifer sure is and can’t figure out why some International “Organisation” (the author writes with the British spelling and unique verbiage) wants her to work for them policing and controlling paranormals.  The sales pitch for the job is a little disturbing…
….” Alright I’ll start with the down side.  It is a dangerous job; there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be seriously injured and some chance you’ll be killed before you hit thirty.”
The job has great benefits though, really. Jennifer takes the job for whatever reason.  I’m not telling; read the novella. It sounds a bit corny writing this out.  Let’s just say the book is much better than trying to describe the premise.
With the exception of getting used to the British writing style, I quite enjoyed the story which I believe is the lead in for a series. I learned a bunch of new British words. The story is not overly complicated and moves along enough to hold your attention. The biggest mystery is trying to figure out when Jennifer is going to show any “talents” that brought her to the attention of the Organisation.
My rating:  3 Stars

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