REVIEW by @_Shoe_Girl_ : Catch of a Lifetime by LuAnn McLane (@WriterLu)

Desperately missing baseball, retired superstar Ty (Triple Threat) McKenna jumps at the chance to coach the Cricket Creek Cougars. After years on the road he’s charmed by small town life and wants to settle down. He sets his sights on Chicago transplant chef Jessica Robinson owner of the upscale Wine and Diner. 
But Jessica remembers Ty from his baseball days and is reluctant to trust the self proclaimed bachelor. Ty, however, is persistent and he’s determined to win her heart. He’s tired of playing the field and wants to prove that there’s more to him than meets the eye. And although he might be retired he’s about to show Jessica that he’s still got game… 

Catch of a Lifetime
is the 2nd in the Cricket Creek series.  I’m not quite sure how to review this book.  While I did like the 1st in the series, Catch of a Lifetime was fairly hard to get through (although, I did finish in one day).  Luann repeated things often, and there was some pretty unbelievable dialogue.  Well, unbelievable to ME…I’ve NEVER heard a guy refer to a woman as “vibrant”.  There were quite a few scenes that had me rolling my eyes, or skimming through paragraphs.  Truth be told, I probably skimmed through 50% of the book (just going through & reading what is in quotes).  I don’t feel as I missed out on anything.

There were pretty much no surprises in the book that weren’t shown on the back cover “blurb”, but a second storyline was thrown in, about Bella and Logan (I’m guessing they’ll have a book in the series soon.  Next in the series is out 9/2012).  While I WILL be reading the next book in the series when it comes out, it is more due to the fact that I like to see how characters end up than “the other books were SO GOOD, I HAVE to read the next one!!”.

I give Catch of a LIfetime 2 1/2 Heels.

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