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Today we’re privileged to have the heroine of Dragon Child, Princess Moira, as our guest.  Her book, the second in the Warrior for Light Series, written by LJ DeLeon is currently available in e-book format.  It’s a fantastic read!!

Dolly: Hi Moira, we’re very glad you took time to visit with us. I’ve read your story, called Dragon Child, and I must say I’m a bit intimidated but fascinated by you and your life. I’d like to ask you some questions, if you don’t mind Princess, but first maybe you could tell us a bit about yourself.
I’ve heard and read that you grew up a royal Fae princess but you weren’t Fae. Why don’t we start there? What was it like growing up in a Royal family in the Otherworld? How many Fae brothers and sisters do you have?
Moira: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Dolly. Growing up in court as a princess was exhausting. Not just as a Fae princess, but as the daughter of Queen Graciela, ruler of all Otherworld. Because I’m the youngest, my life was fun—dances, parties, no responsibilities. But I also had no freedom. My three older brothers hovered and my older sister wasn’t much better. Also, Rhianna’s healer skills allow her to wear warrior’s clothing, so in contrast Mother expects me to be the perfect lady. Around my hundredth birthday, the restrictions became suffocating. Suddenly, I wanted more and could feel my body changing a little at a time.
Dolly: We don’t want to give too much of Dragon Child away but maybe we could tell us a few other details from your story. I’m a bit nosy so just tell me what you feel you can. Did everyone trying to keep secrets from you upset you?
Moira: Are you serious? Of course keeping secrets upset me. When I discovered the truth, Mother’s real daughter and I were switched at birth, everything I thought I knew about myself and my life shattered. To be fair, I was spying on Mother, Queen Graciela, when I discovered the truth. But you and I know eavesdropping is the only way I ever learn about anything. Once I got over the shock and hurt, it led me to discover the truth about myself and find my mate.
Dolly: You’re very young in Dragon years. I sensed you were frustrated by your treatment as a child by your family and friends. Did you have a plan to show everyone you weren’t exactly a child who needed protecting?
Moira: Oh, Dolly, you know me too well. I was beyond frustrated by my family’s “love,” then I went to hIfreann and learned the true meaning of being caged. Yes, my biological mother Adriane and dead father are Saraph—über shapeshifters who can shift into any animal, though dragon is our normal nonhuman form.
Once in hIfreann, I learned I didn’t harbor childish qualities like the other Saraph my age. Instead, my maturity was closer to that of a Saraph five-hundred-years-old. Adriane can’t accept this. She also hates the thought of Steve being my mate and wants me to remain safe, trapped in hIfreann.  That just doesn’t work for me. I’m not only a dragon, but a warrior. Adriane may not accept this, but Mother does.
After my visit to hIfreann and meeting family, I learned we are more than the sum of our parts. I credit the mother of my heart, Queen Graciela, for being the person who shaped me into the woman I’ve become. For her love and guidance, I’ll be eternally grateful.
Dolly: I’ve read that LJ has a “Warrior’s Bible” to keep track of all the characters and all the worlds. Did you or any other characters give LJ any problems with where she wanted your story and character to go? I mean, seriously, Princess, you’re not exactly the type to be pigeonholed, right?
Moira: Pigeonholed? Try dragonholed. I went on strike.  Can you see me as malleable? Ha, I say. I only talked to LJ once she stopped ordering and started listening. I mean the opening line of Dragon Child was a direct quote, “Spying had become a bad habit.”
As for the other members of the Warriors for Light series, they’ve learned from me to give her the silent treatment if she tries to make us do or say something we don’t agree with or like. I learned the silent treatment from my mother, Queen Graciela. When the queen goes quiet and then talks in a soft voice, it’s time to head for the caves on the far side of Otherworld, better yet Earth, if you can get there.
Dolly: Can you tell me what drew you to Major Steve Taylor, the biggest macho wereleopard I’ve ever seen?
Moira: (Sigh) Yes, Steve is a handful. What drew me? Initially, his scent. I couldn’t understand how that could be. Of course at the time I thought I was Fae. And yes, a Fae’s sense of smell is better than human norms, but not as enhanced as the Weres I’ve known. Yet, that didn’t explain why his scent called so strongly to me. However even unaware I was a dragon, I could still find him in bog filled with skunks.
You’d think having him stand out in a crowd to me would have been enough to clinch it between us. But we had a few issues to resolve first.
The problem isn’t that he’s younger than I am by sixty years. It also isn’t that he is dual-natured. As a Saraph, I’m multi-natured. I love his cat; in fact his leopard is my biggest supporter. Nope, the problem rested squarely with that stubborn, hardheaded male and his Were instincts that make him want to wrap me in cotton batting and lock me in a cage. For my own protection of course. Not going to happen. Now, I just need to stand firm, which is hard because that man makes my bones sing.
Dolly: According to LJ, two more novels will be released this year. Can you tell us anything about what to expect and will you be in them?
Moira: I’ll make “guest” appearances in both Sophie’s Challenge and Kate’s Army. However, these two stories are about Allana’s twin daughters and their werewolf mates, Jamie and Mark Morrison. Allana is Queen Graciela’s biological daughter, the one switched with me at birth. Absolution covers Allana’s story and challenges. I can tell you that I’ll be very important in later books—you know…my dragon fire and all.
Dolly: Moira, I’d like to say it’s been a pleasure but I’m not completely sure you were taking me all that seriously. Thanks so very much for your time and a little insight into your life and world.
Moira: Thank you for inviting me, it’s been great. I know I’m a Saraph and was raised in Otherworld, but everyone out there please follow your dreams, stand up for what you know is right, be willing to forgive, and never be afraid of love.
Dolly: I’d like to thank not only Moira but LJ DeLeon for taking time from their busy schedule to chat with us.  You really should try the Warrior For Light Series, you’ll love it!!
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