REVIEW by @_Shoe_Girl_ : Home Sweet Home by Bella Riley

Ten years and two hundred miles. That’s what separates Andi Powell from quiet, secluded Emerald Lake-and that’s exactly how she likes it. But now her job brings her back to the hometown she’s tried so hard to forget . . . and to Nate Duncan, the man she’s never been able to. 
Nate once looked at Andi with love in his eyes. But that was before she left him in the dust to pursue her big-city dreams. Now he’s the town’s ruggedly handsome mayor with the power to break Andi’s career like she broke his heart. As the two clash over the future of Emerald Lake, the sparks that fly between them rekindle a passion neither of them can deny.
Andi may have left town looking for the life she thought she wanted. But could everything she needs have been in Emerald Lake all along?


I grabbed this book at Target a few months ago, because “Great New Series!  Great Low Price!” jumped out at me.  I’m always looking for “new” authors, so I picked this up.  I decided not to read it immediately because I get VERY impatient if I like a book, and and have to wait months to read the next in the series (yes, I sound like a spoiled brat.  I know this and accept it…lol).  
Andi’s father has always told her to reach for the “brass ring”.  Be strong, be successful.  She takes his advice, moving away from Emerald Lake, her family, her friends, and her boyfriend Nate.  She works 24/7 toward her goal of being that strong, successful woman.  And, she succeeds.  Her father passes away and that throws Andi for a loop, causing her work to suffer.  She knows that her boss is looking for a reason to fire her, so when faced with a tough situation with her long-standing client, Andi blurts  out a great location for them to build their new condos.  Emerald Lake.  Now, all she has to do is go home and sell it to the town.  To Nate.
Nate thinks he’s finally in a good place in life.  He overcame the tragedies he was faced with when he was eighteen and is raising his sister, has built a house, and is Mayor of Emerald Lake.  Life is good.  Until he receives a call from Andi.
Andi and Nate have A LOT of past issues to work through, and while Andi has to deal with those, she also has to deal with her client and her grandmothers failing health.  She starts helping out in the family store “LakeYarns” to give her mother and grandmother a rest, and in the process she discovers that “small town” life isn’t quite as bad as she remembered it.  
Overall, I liked this book.  Not bad for a debut novel!  I could have done without some of the overextended scenes (I skimmed through a couple of them), and could have dealt with a bit more drama.  There was a lot of “past” baggage, but no real tension.  Other than that, I definitely liked it, and have already bought the 2nd book (With this Kiss) to read!

 I give Home Sweet Home 3 1/2 Heels!

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