REVIEW by @GinnyLurcock : Cant Buy Me Love by Maggie Marr (@MaggieMarr)

Everyone knows that Cole Jackson is lethal–in his charm and in his reputation as ruthless media mogul and one of the world’s great CEOs. A fact his former executive assistant Meg Parson has learned firsthand. He’s the one who banished her from his executive suite with no explanation.
Determined to secure her long awaited promotion within Comnet, Meg Parson is back and can deliver the one deal Cole Jackson has always wanted and could never get. This deal is Meg’s ticket to the top. Now Meg must juggle this high-stakes deal with her unfathomable attraction to her former boss–an attraction Meg has denied for three years. An attraction which raises painful memories from her past. An attraction that Meg’s boss Cole seems to share. If Meg can’t pull off this multi-media merger, not only is her career at stake but also her heart.

“Can’t Buy Me Love” is the contemporary romance of Meg and Cole, The CEO and his executive assistant who deserves a promotion but isn’t getting one.  She’s being wooed by competitors professionally.  They’re ignoring their feelings.  Demons from their pasts are rearing their ugly heads.  They’re thrust into a tropical setting for a merger that could change both their lives… and I’m not talking about buying out a company…  *eyebrow waggle*  In this Cinderella story that bends the rules of real life to allow for implausible situations to thrust these two together or tear them apart as is befitting the story at the moment.
Like I said, it’s a contemporary romance…
Now let’s get to the big issue.  “FICTION – ADULT: Other: Contemporary Women.”  Ms. Marr, come on…. really?  You don’t think that maybe you should call it erotica?  Because I’m pretty sure that there was thrusting and burning and clamping and licking and throbbing and… well you get the idea… for a good chunk of the book.  I didn’t actually count how many pages were dedicated to nookie, but it was at least 25%… which is a bigger deal when you remember that this is 150 pages long including the preview for another book. 
The length might have worked, but with all the flame inducing encounters I didn’t really feel like there was enough time for the characters to develop.  Cole went from stone cold business man to Latin American heartthrob so fast I got whiplash.  (Ok, so he’s not Latin American but they were in Latin America so I’m going with the analogy.)  I never really got attached to the characters aside from the “look it’s a damaged girl and I’m a damaged girl and we have a similar fear so I instantly like her” aspect.  That’s not enough to love a book for.
It’s a 2.  It was too short to dedicate so much time to slick spots and impromptu orgasms.  Plus there were a couple of times where I suspect that Cole’s penis was acting of its own volition as it was out of his pants, and then suddenly required freeing from his pants not even a page later.  How did it end up trapped back in his pants?  Is it a magic penis?
Ok, now I’m laughing so hard I almost want to give it another star.  Almost, but not quite.
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  1. LMBO!! That was hilarious. And a book I won’t be reading for sure. Sheesh- was there even a plot??? lol. You crack me up. Great review!

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