REVIEW by Laurie: WolfWitch by Shirelle Higgins (@urbanfantasyrev)

Thrown into the fray two years ago by the bite of a rogue werewolf, Bobbie finds herself caught in the shockingly unfamiliar world of shifters and vampires. Her world is turned upside down by the fact that she’s a werewolf who can’t shift. Only the fact that she’s fated to be the mate of the Alpha of a local pack spares her life. She lives day to day under the rule of her abusive husband and the constant reminder that she is an abomination that shouldn’t have been allowed to live. And to top it all off, she is snatched from her packlands by a lunatic vampire spewing ridiculous lies about her mate and something called a wolfwitch.
James thought it was a simple enough mission. Negotiate the release of the wolfwitch from the local pack. Talk to them reasonably and sensibly and convince them of the error of their ways, forcibly if need be. But for the first time in centuries he finds himself thrown completely off balance. And by a woman, no less. Bobbie is a seductive, tempting she-devil of a woman, but it’s not the stake she plunges into his heart that breaks it. It’s the fact that she belongs to another man.
This is a story about the wolfwitch. A rare, once-in-a-generation breed of shifter who can never shift, but holds the fate of all Were-kind in her hands. Whoever controls the wolfwitch has the potential to control the world, and some will stop at nothing to own her.


I received a copy of Wolfwitch through the Read2Review program on Goodreads so thanks to the program and the author for providing the opportunity to review the book.  I really liked this book but it was way way too short at only 76 pages on my ereader that is a lot of story to cram in.  I read it easily in one sitting in fact I read it on my laptop I
didn’t even bother putting it on my tablet.  I won’t provide a summary the blurb above does just fine.
I really liked the characters especially Bobbie, she stills has a lot of backbone despite being married to an abusive jackass for the past couple of years.  When she discovers she is in fact not an abomination but a rare wolfwitch she embraces the role wholeheartedly.  James was an interesting character as well, actually pretty human for an ancient vampire, he know Bobbie is his mate but is willing leave her be as they initially believe she is mated to someone else.  Not the typical selfishness you usually see characterizing an ancient vampire.
Because it was more of a short story than an actual book the plot moved along way too fast for me.  I would have loved more back story on the characters, like how Bobbie got bitten and about the council and the other races.  More of James would have been awesome too :),  there is not much time to build a world in 76 pages .  It is hard to make a romance believable in so short a time.  All in all a great quick read.
4 stars.

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