REVIEW by Jena: Bitter Demons (Peachville High Demons #3) by Sarra Cannon (@sarramaria)

So far, life in Peachville has been tough for Harper Madison. She’s survived attacks on her life, learned how to control her magic, and met the most gorgeous boy – who also happens to be a demon. After her latest stunt at Brighton Hospital, the Order of Shadows is determined to tighten their control on her life.

When a future Prima from a nearby demon gate comes to town, she and Harper decide to use magic to switch places at a party. All Harper wants is to have a little fun.

But the night will end in blood.

And Harper will find out the attack was meant for her…


Oh, how I am HOOKED on this series!!!!  Sadly, I just finished the 3rd book which means I am at the half way mark.  According to the author’s notes in the product description on Amazon, book #6 will be the final book of the series.  Sigh….

Let’s begin, shall we??  I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!  ‘Nuff said.  No, not really. 

Bitter Demons is the 3rd installment in the Peachville High Demons series.  This installment picks up post the big pivotal event at the end of Inner Demons (book #2).  Harper’s bravery to save Jackson is viewed by the Order as dangerous and nothing shy of insubordination.  And that’s crap!  Being the Prima Futura should have these hags bowing at Harper’s feet.  She’s supposed to be SUPER DUPER important in their community and they treat her more like an inconvenience.  A smelly relative that no one really likes and no one really wants to be around but they tolerate anyway because “they’re family“. 

These are feelings the I have been harboring for 2 books now because I cant stand the way Harper is treated.  All of that really comes to light in Bitter Demons.  As the synopsis says, a group from the Order at a nearby demon gate comes to pay a visit in this installment.  That all turns into a much bigger story line but the part that I was finally all “SEE?!?!?!?!” about was that Haper finally got a chance to glimpse how other Order members treat their “futures”.  And it is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY different than how she is treated.  They’re viewed as nothing short of ROYALTY.  I am thinking that this book is going to be a big turning point for our girl Harper in this series.  I think we are going to see her have a whole lot less fear of the Order and hopefully she’ll start kicking some snotty witch ass. 

Enough on that rant.  That’s been driving me CRAZY.  Show some respect!  One day, she might turn your ass into a toad.  A smelly one.  With slime.  And warts.  No joke.  She will.  Watch out. 

Ok, what else can I say?  This was another fantastic read!  Fast paced with a witty and well written story line.  Again, the further we get into this series, the more we find out about the shady goings on in Peachville.  Every bit of it is seamless though.  No plot line pot holes to stumble over.  Usually with a series that has back story that gets revealed piece by piece progressively throughout the books, we end up with some serious continuity issues and that has not been a problem with this series at all.  Very well mapped.   

OH!!!!  And JACKSON!!!!!!!  Jackson, Jackson, Jackson.  We find out way more nitty gritty on Jackson in this installment.  I wont say that you will be floored with the partial reveal on him but it’s definitely leading to some more juicy details.  I can FEEL it!!!  He’s a mystery that is plaguing me through this series.  With all the garbage that poor Harper has gone through….repeatedly…..with people she thought sure were friends, I am DYING to know whether or not Jackson can be trusted.  If he can, GREAT!  He’s a wonderful character.  He’s edgy.  And he and Harper have undeniable chemistry….even if he does wear cowboy boots.  However, if he can’t be trusted, our dear Harper has a serious problem because he’s got the potential to be veeeeeeeery damaging to her….on many levels.  At several points throughout this book, I found myself internally screaming WATER BOARD HIM!!!!  I just want to know the truth.  Just kidding, kids.  Water boarding is bad.  Very bad.  (mmmmmm kay?)  Maybe shock therapy will get him to spill the beans….  Ok!  Fine!  Don’t torture the teenage (???) boy (????????).  Geez….

On a parental note, Bitter Demons falls in line with the other books in this series.  About 99.9% clean.  We had one kiss in particular that made our girl’s heart want to thump right out of her chest but it was very PG.  No nudity or groping or panting or moaning.  This series is easily appropriate for most age groups.  However, it takes place in high school (the main character is 16 years old) so keep that in mind. 

Overall, I am giving Bitter Demons 5 very sparkly stars.  Now, I have to go because I have already read Shadow Demons (book #4; review being posted tomorrow) and have started Rival Demons (book #5)  and I am hoping to finish it tonight for a review tomorrow.  Seriously.  I’m addicted.  I wonder if there is a Peachville High Demons support group yet…..

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