REVIEW by Jena: Rival Demons (Peachville High Demons #5) by Sarra Cannon (@sarramaria)

After narrowly escaping death at the hand of the Order of Shadows, Harper finds herself thrust into the strange and beautiful world of the shadow demons. But crossing through the portal doesn’t mean she is safe. The Order of Shadows is determined to bring her home and transfer the Prima line to the Harris family. They send their most vicious hunters after Harper. Hunters who will not stop until they have found their prey.

Determined to keep her safe, Jackson takes her deep into an underground world filled with dangers of its own. Here, Harper will begin a journey that will teach her more about herself and her own path than she ever imagined possible.

But will her relationship with Jackson survive?



Ok, I feel a little better now but not really.  A little better because my OCD has been satisfied and I have read the series as far as it extends.  Not really because now I have to wait for the 6th (and final) book!!!  That’s right, folks.  We have Literary Limbo….again!  However, I am not freaking out because I am patiently waiting for an e-mail back from the author with an estimated release date that I can jot down.  Then I will let the countdown commence. 


Ohmagoodness I don’t even know where to start on this one.  Oh wait!  Yes I do!  This book is torture.  Horrible torture akin to getting poked in the arm repeatedly and never getting the satisfaction of slapping the dolt doing the poking.  Frustrating, right?  Ummm, yeah.  That is Rival Demons.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I totally hearted this book.  In a big way.  As I said in review of Shadow Demons (book 4), this series just keeps getting better and better with each installment.  Rival Demons is no exception.  

Harper – she’s grown exponentially over the course of 5 books.  The crazy shit from her past is a whole lot easier to deal with when she’s got some explanation.  Does it fix it?  Does it wipe the ‘everything she’s gone through’ slate clean?  No.  However, knowing her past and origins kind of gives her something to identify with.  It gives her something to ground herself with.  As painful as some of the things she’s finding out are, they help her grow and move past it – all of which really shows on a level that I never would have expected by the end of Rival Demons.  The Harper of Beautiful Demons may be the same girl at heart but the woman she has turned into is someone that I really admire.  She’s changed so much that I often find myself forgetting that she’s only supposed to be a teenager. 

Jackson.  I wanted to punch Jackson right in the face hole two books ago.  Hard.  Hard enough that he definitely would have been losing some chiclets.  That was NOTHING compared to what I wanted to do to him through most of this book.  Not even on the same playing field.  Remember the aforementioned torture???  Yeah.  That would be ALL Jackson’s fault.  The benefit of having a book with a one-player point of view is that the mystery remains a mystery until the very last moment if it’s written properly.  The problems with that?  The mystery remains a frikkin mystery until the very last frikkin moment if it’s written properly.  The frustrating part of that is a character that is very close to the main character has the answer and she can not drag it out of him no matter how hard she tries.  Well, she finally does so rest assured, by the end of Rival Demons, you find out exactly what flaming porcupine has crawled intoJackson’s unmentionables and caused him to act like a jackass. 

There are a few other characters that I would like to chat about but talking about them will give away some important plot points and I don’t want to ruin it.  So read the series and then e-mail me (puretextuality at gmail dot com) and we can chat about it!


Rival Demons did not disappoint.  This is a much more emotional installment in this series.  We as the readers are now invested.  Five books is a long time to put into a series.  You now have an emotional connection of sorts with the characters.  You feel their happiness, their sorrow, their frustrations, and their outright anger.  This book was an emotional roller coaster ride.  I can count at least 3 moments that made me start to cry, 3 or 4 that made me physically laugh out loud and about a 30 page span that made me want to stab someone in the eye socket. 


There are at least 3 big reveals in this book that I can think of off of the top of my head and the final one is huge.  Giant.  Collosal.  Monumental.  And it is one MONSTER of a turning point in the books.  Unbelieveable….  I am still floored.  That big reveal is one of those “stunner” moments that I am so fond of.  I finished reading this book and laid there staring at my bedroom ceiling not really sure how that could have happened without me at least picking up on it a teeny tiny bit.  Incredible moment for the series.  And that stunner moment will make you have this face:

Minus the crazy eyebrows, of course. 

That brings us to book 6 – which I believe is titled Demons Forever.  Book 6 is not out yet.  I might cry about this a little later but for now I will say that I can’t wait.  I have a really good feeling about book 6 and I am super excited to see how Harper’s story wraps up.  I have my crossables crossed that the author will throw me a bone and let me review it soon.  Like…..oh I dont know…..NOW.  No worries though, Ms. Cannon.  I will wait patiently if need be. 


Overall, I give Rival Demons 5 bright blue sapphire colored stars (See?  You’d get that reference if you read the damn book!)!!! 


Oh!  And I know this is not something to base your book choices off of but it tends to be a swaying factor for me when shopping for a book.  I LOVE THE COVER ART OF THIS SERIES.  Simple and gorgeous.  Love them. 


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