REVIEW by Jena: Death at Willow Creek Mine by J.D. Savid

A story of love, faith, enmity, and hypocrisy.

After the death of their parents, three brothers arrive in northwest Nevada to live with their widowed aunt. In time, Aaron, the oldest brother, fulfills his dream of reopening their aunt’s historic old gold mine, where he runs the mill that processes the ore. The youngest brother, Hector, works underground, extracting gold ore. Nathan is the middle brother. Mentally handicapped but physically strong, he undertakes menial jobs with joy and gusto. He especially enjoys walking to the small community of Rabbit Brush for the mail, and to the community’s garbage dump.



Hector is easily irritated by Nathan’s foolish and sometimes dangerous antics, and Aaron worries that this could escalate into violence. He works to keep both brothers in check, but eventually, tragedy strikes—resulting in the ultimate cover-up.

I am not exactly how to write this review.  How about this?  I will preface everything that I am about to say with this – it’s a good story. 

I received my copy of Death at Willow Creek Mine from the author in a request to do the review.  I wouldn’t call it a novel exactly.  At only 117 pages long, it’s a short one.  However, I found it rather difficult to get into.  Not because the story line isn’t good but because the author uses quite possibly the longest sentences I have ever read.  Long enough that sometimes, I had to start back at the beginning or the sentence because by the end, I couldn’t remember where it was supposed to be going.  Now, when you take those sentences and break them down, they are sound.  Grammatically, they’re perfect.  So, really, the author didn’t do anything wrong in writing, it just take a little bit more concentration than a most books that are only 117 pages long.  Had the author “dumbed down” the writing style a bit, this probably would have been a very quick read.  With that being said, it’s not my preferred style of writing but for those readers who are into it, you would probably love this book.

The story itself is very good.  Very intriguing.  The mystery end of it is written very well and (if you’re into that sort of thing), there is a definite challenge of faith present and some real WWJD moments. 

Overall, I am going to give Death at Willow Creek Mine 3 stars.  A solid book and although it will not shake you to your core, it’s definitely worth a read. 

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