REVIEW by Heather: Corpse Days by Jonathon Kane (@_shoe_girl_)

Is this the end of the world? Is the Rapture upon us? Has a Zombie Apocalypse arrived? That’s a matter of opinion, but it doesn’t hurt to be a licensed Shooter in these uncertain times.

Meet Stan Norton – a middle-aged Shooter with a haunting past. He wants little to do with the living dead, and less to do with the living, until that is, a mysterious young woman with an affinity for guns and martial arts enters his life. An adventure begins, and the hunt is on for a reclusive enemy, as the clock ticks down toward a full-blown resurgence of the Corpse Days.


This isn’t your “typical” zombie book.  It isn’t filled with blood and gore, but it still manages to get the point across.  This would be a perfect book for those who are curious about zombie books but don’t want to start with all the hardcore gore!

Heather sees Stan put down a recently turned zombie, and decides to ask him to come along and be part of her group.  Stan declines and goes on his way, but changes his mind after a very close call with a zombie on the highway.  After joining Heather and her group, Stan realizes just how bleek the situation is, and is more than willing to become Heather’s second in command if he can help save the human race.

Zombies, military, and cults?  Yeah, it works!  Great book, and it ended as a cliffhanger….I hate that!  LOL…when is the next book?  I need to read it, like NOW.

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I give Corpse Days 4 Heels!


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