REVIEW by Heather: Fighting to Survive by Rhiannon Frater (@RhiannonFrater , @_Shoe_Girl_)

Picking up where The First Days ends, Fighting to Survive features the further zombie-killing, civilization-saving adventures of a pair of sexy, kick butt heroines and the men who love them. A hundred or so survivors of the zombie plague have found tenuous safety in the walled off center of a small Texas town. Now the hard work of survival begins—finding enough food; creating safe, weather-resistant shelter; establishing laws; and fighting off both the undead who want to eat them and the living bandits who want to rob and kill them.


OMIGOD.  If you read my review for book 1, The First Days, you already know I fell in love with this series pretty much instantly!  Well book 2, Fighting to Survive is no different!  Seriously, you *NEED* to read these books!  

Life inside the fort walls has become the new “normal” for all of its residents, but they are starting to get restless….they need more shelter, they need more resources.  The only way to do that, is leave the safety of the fort walls.  We follow Katie and Jenny, Travis and Juan (along with the other fort residents) as they prepare for their next steps.

Not only do we see the obvious threat of zombies, but there are some not-so-friendly survivors out there that have their eyes on the fort.  Combine that with one of the fort residents that has become a vigilante and you have quite the “edge of your seat” thrill ride!

I own book 3, Seige.  Actually, I bought it the day it was released.  I have purposely waited to read book 2 & 3 because I love the books so much that I don’t want them to be over!  YES, I am dying to know what happens next, however, I just don’t want an “end”.  So, not sure when I’ll get to reading Seige, but I know it’ll be good when I do!  I’ve been forewarned to have a box of tissues handy when I do start reading!

If you haven’t yet started this series, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???  Seriously!  Go to Amazon (or the bookstore of your choice) right now and buy the books!  Lemme know how you like them~we can talk zombies after!  

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I give Fighting to Survive 5 well earned Heels!


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