REVIEW by Alicia: Between Worlds (Rite of Passage Trilogy Book 1) by Amanda Zabski

Jamie Nevin struggles with her identity as much as any sixteen-year-old girl. Well, maybe a little more. Jamie just discovered that she is not human—at least not exactly. The child of a doomed union between a noble of the Unseelie Court and a Seelie Fae, Jamie has been raised by her mother hidden away from both courts in a small New England town.

Troubled by vivid dreams when asleep and plagued by paralyzing headaches when awake, Jamie knows something is wrong. After the strange disappearance of her mother, and the unexpected appearance of family she never knew, Jamie is forced to accept a truth about her past that puts her future at risk.

To make matters worse, while she works to determine who to trust, Jamie’s best friend Allie keeps a powerful secret from her.

Thrown into a world she doesn’t understand, Jamie must use her fledgling powers in a fight to stay alive and avoid capture by the Keeper, a soulless creature that frightens even the things that go bump in the night.



I’m not sure where to begin.  So, let’s start at the beginning. I was asked to give this book a review and I was very excited to do so.  I received it on my kindle….and the print was so small it was painful. Then I received it as a PDF file on my computer. Much better…but I couldn’t read more than 10 minutes w/o dozing off!! I’m blaming this on the pc screen light and NOT the book.  I did have a very difficult getting into the book, which made it a challenge to read. One of the things I struggled most with is that everything was explained. I mean everything. If a character did something, then it was explained in great detail as to why he/she was able to do it in the first place. This didn’t really leave any room for imagination.  I got over it and plugged along. Then my pc crashed. GRRR.  So after sometime, I picked my kindle back up to see that it had updated itself…which meant I could read the book in landscape mode. YES!! So, I started all over- too much time had passed and I really really wanted a fresh start.

The explaining in great detail still bugged me, and the fact that the main character who was supposed to be super close to her mom always referred to her as Eve and not mom. Don’t know why that bugged me but it did. 

This book is split into three parts- which totally threw me for a loop. I felt like I had finally got into Jamie and what was going on in her life to be totally thrown off course and into Allie’s world.

We are first introduced to Jamie, a teenager who suffers from horrible horrible headaches.  She lives with her single mom Eve and the two have a very close relationship. So close in fact that Eve never tells Jamie of her special powers and then just disappears one day.  Jamie is left to try to figure things out on her own, and with the help of the school nurse, who in fact is much more than a school nurse and brings Jamie into the realm of “you’re not in Kansas any more”….  I had a really hard time liking Jamie.  I don’t know what it is about her, but she seriously drove me nuts. Maybe it was all the talking to herself, and explaining everything bit, but I took me awhile to like her.  And once I finally did, everything changed and Allie’s point of few enters the picture.

Allie and Jamie are best friends.  Allie is not close to her mom at all, but her mom does teach her about the powers she possess and how to use them, where to find cool portals that link the worlds etc.  I found myself liking Allie’s character a bit more than Jamie’s, and she was easier to read about. It almost felt like two different people wrote the chapters.  Allie and Jamie learn that not only are both their mothers missing, but they are in fact much more than best friends. 

Enter part three. By far the best part in the book.  Things really start to unfold, and as I’m watching the pages tick by, I come to the realization that there is NO WAY this is going to end at …. and it’s totally going to leave me hanging.  It did.

I felt like the author really found her groove in writing the last part of the book. Things really started flowing, but also felt rushed.  There were relationships that developed, that gave you the impression they were much more serious,  but their time in the book was so rushed that I couldn’t feel the deep connection. 

That being said…my hat goes off to anyone who is brave enough to put their work out there for others to read! Congratulations on writing your first book!! I am looking forward to reading book two, and to see what happens next.  When will it be ready for reading???

As for the rating- PG. Mild language, absolutely no sex.  A great YA book!

I’m going to give it 3.5 stars!

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