REVIEW by Amy: The Promises You Keep by Karen Marie Graham (@Miss_UofK)

Abandoned, alone and running from her past, language arts teacher Sydney Mackenzie has found a place of solitude as she tries to find healing in forgetting. She is abruptly forced to turn and face her painful past, however, when Emily enrolls in her class and turns her peaceful world upside down. Can Sydney find a way to trust herself and others again before it’s too late to save her student from a similar fate?


The Promises You Keep was a heartfelt, emotional, and different read for me and I’m delighted the opportunity was given to me to read it, especially since I don’t normally read books of this genre. The book deals with loss and difficulties amid life thereafter. How one is forced into situations beyond control, the hardships and grief one endures to make peace, and joy when those feelings become the positive outcome you have always dreamed of. They are ‘The Promises You Keep’ with yourself without even knowing you have ever made them.

Sydney Mackenzie abandoned her job in Texas as a freelance writer when her fiance David, left her, and has taken a new job at a rural University as an English Literature Professor. She is met head on with Richard, a pot bellied man with a bad comb over, Harry Potter glasses and a three piece suit. He is a tenured, head strong professor, who relentlessly harasses Sydney about her unorthodox attendance policy, and voices his opinion, when given the opportunity.

Brandon, also a colleague, the new Psych professor and school Psychologist, helps Sydney confront her past, future, and a student she becomes instantly interested in, Emily Halliwell. Emily’s viewpoint on writing has Sydney intrigued but also worried for her safety. Her search to find Emily isn’t easy, but well worth the journey.

The Promises You Keep is an inspiration. Karen Marie Graham unites spirituality with matters of the human heart. A treasure for any reader in search of the perfect, soul touching, heart string, read, affirming that we all have promises we keep.

I give The Promises You Keep 3 stars.


The Promises You Keep

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  1. Haley Griffin says:

    i really enjoyed it. Im more into the horror genre but it was very compelling to read. Once i started to read i couldn’t put it down. The characterizing in the characters was good and the story line was interesting. In many books the beginning is boring and in the middle of the book it gets better but i thought that from beginning to end i was kept interested. It really was insighful. Having to deal with loss is hard and the things in your passed area difficult. it was an eyeopener to me. I love it very much:)

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