RANDOMS: Jena’s Adventures in Writing a Novel: Part IV & Cover Reveal

It’s been a little while now since my last update so when I got done with my to-do list today, I decided to drop a line. 

So last time we talked, I was trucking away at The Devil You Know.  I sent the first 5 chapters (Doesn’t sound like much but that’s over 10,000 words) to a group of writer friends for some feedback.  And feedback I did get! 

Luckily, none of the feedback was “ummm, please just stop.”  Everyone was digging the idea behind the book but I needed some polishing. 

One of the big reader questions was regarding the back story of a pair of the characters and answering that question lead me to Burning. 

Burning is my prequel!  The events that I needed to describe took place before chapter 1 in the book.  After panicking over “how the HELL and I supposed to cram this into the book without it being forced?”, I tossed some ideas back and forth with Ginny and decided that the best way to approach my little plot hole was to write a prequel – something stand alone, something short, something to draw the reader in and want to know more! 

A little over a week ago, I finished Burning and started the edits on it.  After combing over it a bazillion times, I was finally to the point where I wasn’t seeing necessary changes anymore and needed a fresh set of eyes.  I sent it off to three good friends who are all writers that I have a lot of respect for and asked them top be gentle. 

One of them described it as “6000 awesome words”.  Lol

And I got some good suggestions from the other two.  No major changes and a big step up from the feedback I got on the first few chapters of The Devil You Know.  The suggested touch ups were just that.  No major rewrites, just touch ups.  So, now I am into editing for round two.  However, the changes were so minor that I am not in a state of utter dread.  It’s a lot easier to fix something that’s already written than to have to insert and entirely new body of work. 

As I get closer to Burning being finished product, I realized that one day I am going to be on the other side of the emails.  I will be the one sending out review requests and I will be the one getting requests on my website…  MY WEBSITE!!!  I HAVE NO WEBSITE!!!!  Enter panic mode. 

This past weekend while editing Burning, I realized that I once I am done all the editing and polishing and buffing – I am going to actually publish this.  And nothing drives me more crazy than trying to track down an indie author’s contact info when they have no website.  Last night, I started building. 

Click the banner to see the site!

It’s still very much under construction but it’s getting there. 

With that, I will leave you all with a sneak peek at the cover of Burning, the prequel to the Demon Legacy series!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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