REVIEW by Jena: Nine Lives of an Urban Panther (Urban Panther #3) by Amanda Arista – Released 8/21/12 (@pantherista)

Violet Jordan‘s Rule #3 of being a superhero: Family first, fur second.

Dear Diary,

With new supernatural creatures popping up at every turn (Ghouls? Really?), the city divided, and my long-lost cousin blazing into town, I’ve got a lot on my mind. Oh, not to mention I’m supposed to be planning a wedding. Chaz has got to be the best, most patient (and probably clinically insane) fiancÉ around.

But defeating my sworn enemy in a battle for the souls of Dallas is going to require more than just my full attention. It means learning to depend on everyone—especially Chaz—if any of us are going to make it out of this alive. Because if Plan A doesn’t work, I’m going to need them for Plan B. And Plan C . . .



Ok, so I wasn’t even sure how to write this review but I think I got it now.  This is a pretty good book but I was lost.  See, what I didn’t know when I went into reading this book (acquired via Edelweiss) was that this book is part of a series.  Knowing absolutely nothing of the author, the synopsis sounded like it was right up my alley so I dug in.  Well, it IS part of a series and I was lost.  I am running on the assumption that if you have read the rest of the series, the book would make much more sense.  Read the synopsis.  Check out Amazon.  Even on Edelwiess.  There’s no mention anywhere of the fact that it is part of a series.  This is partly my own fault for not checking the authors website but USUALLY it’s mentioned SOMEWHERE that a book is part of a series.  I am not sure I even have the name of the series right.  Looking at all of the above mentioned places, I could see it being the Urban Panther series, the Violet Jordan series or the Diaries of an Urban Panther series.  I am guessing it’s one of those.  There isn’t even mention of it being part of a series on the cover.

With all that being said, I spent much of the time that I was reading this book completely and utterly lost.  HOWEVER, it is still a good book.  Certainly not a stand alone novel by any means but if the quality of this book is any indication of the prior installments’ (‘Diaries of an Urban Panther’ and ‘Claws and Effect’) quality, then I would definitely say pick up the whole series.

Once I got past the initial “Wait, what’s going on??” and just took all of my confused moments as “must be explained in the prior books”, it was a very entertaining read.  The main character is a strong female lead who (from the impression I get) did not set out to become the leader of the pack but ends up with the responsibility anyway.  She handles herself with grace in every tough situation and although she’s obviously a younger woman, she’s got the motherly vibe down pat. 

The book has action and funny moments and of course, romance (the publisher is Avon Books).  I would absolutely recommend this book but I would say make sure you’ve read the priors first. 

I am going to give Nine Lives of an Urban Panther a solid 3.5 stars.  Good entertaining quicky read with a little guilty pleasure thrown in there.   

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Urban Panther #1 (?)

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Urban Panther #2 (?)

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Urban Panther #3 (?)

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  1. Thanks for the heads up that this book is part of a series 🙂

    1. Not a problem. I had no clue! I was getting irritated at first because I couldn’t understand how my brain didn’t soak in so much detail. I started from the beginning and realized my ADD wasn’t the problem. lol

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