REVIEW by Heather: Bad Blood (Bad Blood #1) by Ginny Lurcock – Released TODAY! (@_shoe_girl_ , @GinnyLurcock)

High school senior Victoria “Tori” Reeve has it pretty good. She’s rich, she’s smart, and she’s popular. What more could a girl ask for? Sure, she’s a little lonely, what with being single and her best friend going off to college and all, but she’s got her work at the Spaulding Crisis Center to keep her busy. When she gets a new boss in the very easy on the eyes form of Isaac Larsen, suddenly her volunteer work feels a lot less like work. Even if he does seem to cause Tori to break out into spontaneous fits of foot in mouth disease. Somehow in spite of her blunderitis, Isaac still seems to be interested in her in a more-than-employer or even more-than-friends kind of way.

So really she should have known that things would go sideways.

Trouble comes to Spaulding, and that trouble seems to be centered on Tori and the Crisis Center. Is she really the focus? Or does this all have to do with the new mysterious man in her life? In her efforts to find out, Tori stumbles across some secrets. Skeletons that might have been better off left in the closet. As it turns out, Spaulding is a hot spot for bad blood…

 Bad Blood Cover Image

Warning:  prepare to have a few free hours on your hands to sit and read this book!  Seriously.  The only reason I’m even starting this review before finishing the book, is because I have to charge my kindle fire *grumble, grumble* before I can finish it!!  I have to admit, I was a tad bit leery of reviewing Bad Blood, for a couple reasons:

1- I know the author.  We aren’t BFFs or anything, but we did dance and pour champagne together on NYE (not that I’m bragging or anything).  I really didn’t want to read the book and NOT like it.  That would have sucked.  I HATE writing “bad” reviews regardless, but knowing the author would have made it way worse!

 Heather and Ginny
Me (the bright red hair), & Ginny on NYE.

2- The cover.  Don’t get me wrong…it isn’t awful, but I tend to not read synopsis’ so I was expecting a “who-dun-it” novel.  

3- PT asked for a “release day” review, and I received it only a few days before release day.  I’m WAY behind on my reviews, so I was afraid I wouldn’t complete it in time.  Well, I needn’t have worried!  I finished a couple days early and, Bad Blood is officially on my “fav” list!

Tori (Victoria).  Beautiful, smart, sarcastic (which I love about her), rich, funny (in an awkward sort of way) 17 year old girl.  She does well in school, has good friends, and works in a crisis center.  Life is all good and normal, UNTIL she gets a gorgeous new boss (whom she inadvertently revealed her bra size and virginity status to upon meeting him for the very first time), her best friend leaves for college, and rumors start swirling about her at school.

Tori is the envy of the girls at school, and some of her friends when she has her gorgeous BFF, Drew and her equally gorgeous new boss, Isaac fighting over her.  Only problem?  Things go downhill, FAST while she is on a date with Isaac and shortly after, Tori finds out Isaac’s secret….which is also HER family secret.  Her family secret that her parents never bothered to tell her, and which is dangerously affecting her life, and her friends lives as well.

Fast paced, funny, scary, and romantic.  Pretty much everything Twilight WANTED to be.  There is no “sparkling” in this book!  Fans of YA/Vampire stories will not be disappointed!!!!!

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I give Bad Blood 5 Heels!



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