REVIEW by Lorna : Death’s Hand (The Descent Series #1) by S.M. Reine (@SMReine , @Mollykatie112)

Elise Kavanagh doesn’t want to hunt demons anymore. It’s been five years since she killed her last enemy, and life has been quiet since then. She went to college. Got a job, and then lost it. Made a friend or two. Lived a normal life. Now her former partner, a powerful witch named James Faulkner, wants Elise to fight one more time. The daughter of a coven member has been possessed, and Elise is the only exorcist nearby.

Becoming a hero again would mean risking discovery by old enemies. But digging into the case reveals that it might already be too late–bodies are disappearing, demons slither through the night, and the cogs of apocalypse are beginning to turn once more. Some enemies aren’t willing to let the secrets of the past stay dead…

NOTE: This is a new edition of Death’s Hand that integrates the text of Death’s Avatar, effectively combining both stories into one book. For readers already familiar with The Descent Series, there’s nothing new here. For newcomers to the books — enjoy. 🙂

death's hand

I had no idea what to expect from this book as I found it for .99 for the first three books. Thirty three cents a book and paranormal to boot-yeah I am there!

Elise is a Kopis,also known as a person who polices relations between Heaven, Hell and Earth. When we meet her, she is a child and is found by a powerful male witch(the word warlock is not used in this book)She is laying in a frozen field with numerous dead, and very bloody bodies. The book jumps forward in time. Elise and James(the witch) have retired after a really bad meeting with a evil demon goddess by the name Death’s Hand. It’s been five years and James asks Elise to perform an exorcism on a child. She has no desire to come out of retirement but decides to try. Through this she realizes that the goddess is back although she thought she had killed her.  James is what is known as a Aspis, otherwise known as a witch that is sworn to protect a Kopis. They are magically but not romantically bound. The book jumps back in time to tell the events of five years before and then jumps forward and then back again several times. I really did not like that. Some books do this and it doesn’t bother me but this time it did. This book ends up being all about the revenge of  Death’s Hand against Elise with the final outcome for the goddess being the release of all the demons from Hell to take over Earth. Of course  I am not telling  what happens with this. It’s a pretty dark read. I made the mistake of reading part of it while eating dinner and it really was pretty sickening. Zombies are really not appetizing!
There are all kinds of demons,witches(both good and bad) zombies and other paranormal beings, some that I was not familiar with. Very action packed to the point that I couldn’t stop reading the whole last part of the book even though it was 4:30 am when I finished it. Elise is a very strong kick butt female heroine. Her friendship with James was great in that it wasn’t romantic for a change but there is real love between them anyway. She does have a love interest but not one that the reader gets very involved in. This is definitely not a romance. I think I would classify it as horror or paranormal. The book pretty much wore me out so I am not sure when or if I will read the next book.  It was very readable after you get about a third of the way in. We never find out why she was in the field with the bodies so maybe that will be in the next book. There is at least five books for those of you that like series books.I am going back and forth about what to rate it-not even sure how well I even liked it.
Okay here goes- 3 stars and hopefully the next book answers some questions!
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