REVIEW by Lorna: Immortal Lies (Tybalt Jones) by S.L. Gray (@wordsofgray, @Mollykatie112)

“Being a vampire isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Anyone who tells you otherwise is prowling for a snack.”
Tybalt Jones is not your typical creature of the night. He prefers Havana shirts to capes and his “sidekick” is a curvy faerie girl. Not a hunchback in sight. He’s been out of the vampire “scene” for years, and he’d be happy to stay out for the rest of his unlife.
But vampires connected to Tybalt are disappearing from St. Sebastian’s streets. To make matters worse, he’s on a literal deadline to clean up the city.
With a little gypsy know-how, a dab of faerie luck and a crash course in using his unusual gifts, he might just survive to restore peace.
For now.
Immortal Lies

Recently I came across this book and downloaded a sample to read. I am not even sure how I came across it, but as soon as I read the sample, I downloaded and read the book even though I literally have hundreds of books that are waiting in my to be read pile.
What I liked about this book:
The voice of the book. That means I totally loved the main character’s,(Tybalt Jones) point of view and his way of talking about his life as a vampire. I was hooked on the book as soon as he starting telling his story. A vampire with a sarcastic and pretty much snarky attitude was a new take on the age old vampire story for me. At the same time, you really like him, as he really is a good guy.

I also really enjoyed the supporting characters. Tybalt’s girlfriend, Vi, was the best of all of them. As a faerie, with purple skin. she is one of the better supporting characters that I have read- even if I did have a hard time picturing her! She was strong and confident and a really great girlfriend to Tybalt, to the point that I didn’t miss the lack of a new romantic interest. She was pretty perfect for him and he knew it. Refreshing stuff. The other character I liked was Granny, an old witch that Tybalt is close to and has known since his childhood.
I liked the premise of the book. Someone is killing vampires that Tybalt has had previous friendships/relationships with. That same someone is also kidnapping vampires and torturing them. It is up to Tybalt to figure out the why and the who.He does know that dark magic is at work. Needless to say the vampire community is blaming him and are not happy.
The world building was very interestingly told by the author. This is a world that isn’t hidden and human’s are aware of the supernatural element that lives among them. Aside from the vampires, I also enjoyed the rat people. The part of the book that featured the rat shifter, had me laughing out loud.
What didn’t I like about this book?
I honestly can’t think of anything. It was a well told story, with good characters and good writing. It kept my interest and I really did enjoy it. It was left open for a sequel and if there is one, I will be reading it.

Who Would I Recommend this to?
Any Urban Fantasy fans ages 16 or 17 up. There is some violence and sexual situations are hinted at but not shown.

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