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Danielle Bannister
JENA @ PURE TEXTUALITY [JENA]: Welcome to the 2014 edition of Indies In Their Undies, a month-long interview series with 31 indie authors! Today we are sitting down with Danielle Bannister.

[JENA] We have readers all over the world and I am always curious to see where our favorite authors are from. Where do you call base camp?
DANIELLE BANNISTER [DANIELLE] In a place where apparently Spring forgot. Lincolnville, Maine
[JENA] A common trend as of late is cross-genre authors. It has become relatively uncommon to come across an author who only writes in one specific genre. It seems there are a lot of writers who like to dip their toes in all sorts of pools. Which genre or genres do you write?
[DANIELLE] I am straight up humans. haha. I deal in the real world only. Even the fantasy triolgy I’m working with on with Amy Miles, I deal with the human characters, she deals with the fantasy. I have no imagination for that sort of thing. That said, I’m open to writing in any genre as long as they are human.
[JENA] Writers get inspiration from all over the place. Movies, books, music, people in their life, their own life, etc. Who or what is your most common muse?
[DANIELLE] Aside from Swedish Fish (for real) I get my stuff from the moments just before sleep. When my mind is settling. That is, of course, is when my muse wakes up. Lesson there: Always keep a pad of paper nearby.
[JENA] Are you 100% independently published or do you have traditional contracts as well? If you are 100% indie, would you ever consider a traditional publishing contract? Why or why not?
[DANIELLE] Indie all the way. I want to do this on my own. I already do more marketing then any publishing house ever would for me, so why bother?
[JENA] Writer’s block sucks. What do you do to overcome the blank stare when it hits you with everything it has got?
[DANIELLE] Write something else. Anything else. I’ll go to writing prompts on line or open up Monica Wood’s The Pocket Muse, and use one of her prompts. 90% of the time that writing inspires where I got stuck. The bonus, I get a whole new story out of the deal.
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[JENA] Let’s gab about your books. What fictiony goodness have you already unleashed on the general populous?
[DANIELLE] The Twin Flames Trilogy: Pulled, Pulled Back and Pulled Back Again. These are all about the idea of meeting your Twin Flame–The other half of your soul, and what you would do if you happened to meet them by chance.
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[JENA] What’s next for you and your writing? Any new titles coming out?
[DANIELLE] Book one of the other trilogy I’m working on, Netherworld, will be out this year.  Also another few slow cooker books may bubble over this year.
[JENA] The latest trend with the indie author world is massive book signings and conventions featuring anywhere from 20 authors to 200 authors. What has your experience been at these events? Do you enjoy them? Or do they make you twitch and sweat?
[DANIELLE] Ha. I enjoy them, except the selling part. I hate having to try and push my work on people. I do love being able to sneak off and make the rounds of the tables myself to check out all the other great authors there. Sometimes that doesn’t happen because it is too busy.
[JENA] Do you have any appearances coming up? If so, tell us when and where (provide links if you have them).
[DANIELLE] Aside from yours? Ha. I will be at UtopYA and in Maine at and if things go well, Penned Con.
[JENA] Now it’s time for some just-for-fun questions! If you were digitized like Tron and put on the internet what site would you visit first?
[DANIELLE] I have no clue. ha.
[JENA] Have you ever Googled yourself? If so, were you surprised or shocked by any of the results?
[DANIELLE] I have. Not surprised. I’m a pretty open book.
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[JENA] What would you do with a million dollars?
[DANIELLE] Donate a huge chunk of it to environmental work. I’d like my kids to have a planet to grow up on.
[JENA] If you were trapped on a desert island with one CD that you could listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?
[DANIELLE] A P!nk’s Greatest Hits. I kind of love her.
[JENA] How do you consume – read the book then watch the movie or watch the movie then read the book?
[DANIELLE] I try to read the book first whenever possible.
[JENA] If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?
[DANIELLE] No. I wouldn’t want to live to see all those that I loved die.
[JENA] If you were faced with the zombie apocalypse and had to pick five people to be on your survival team, who would you pick?
[DANIELLE] Amy Miles, cause she is brutal in her books so I’d need her twisted mind, My two kids, cause they have to live, My roommate, Jen, cause she would keep cracking jokes to keep the mood light, and someone really good with killing zombies.
[JENA] Imagine the concept of reincarnation is real, who or what would you hope to come back as in your next life?
[DANIELLE] A dog. 🙂
[JENA] Thank you for participating in Indies In Their Undies!
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