RELEASE DAY REVIEW by Lorna: Vampire Trouble (Dead in the City #2) by Sara Humphreys ​(@authorsara , @Mollykatie112)

51skOnt5DmLA fledgling vampire ignites a war…
Maya remembers the last moments of her life as a human with haunting clarity, and every man she meets pays the price…until Shane. Finding herself in the middle of a bloody fight between vampires and werewolves, Maya has no choice but to let the devastatingly sexy vampire guard get close to her.
And that’s not all that heats up…
Shane Quesada, a four-century-old vampire sentry, is known for his cold, unemotional precision, but once Maya begins to invade his dreams, his world is changed forever. His job to protect her is swiftly replaced by the all-consuming need to claim her as his own.

If you are a paranormal romance fan and haven’t read any of Sara Humphreys books, you are totally missing out. I haven’t read them all, but the ones I have read have all been good love stories, combined with good characters and usually an adventure or mystery-or both.
What I like about this book :
Well obviously, vampires. I do love a good vampire story. Ms. Humphreys has filled this series with an interesting vampire lore, much of it different from your normal vampire story. Not completely different, but enough to make it interesting. World building is important to any paranormal story and Ms. Humphreys handles it with ease. As in the previous book in this series, Tall, Dark, and Vampire, the Bloodmate legend becomes a big part of this story.

The Characters. Maya and Shane are both back from the previous story. And while I didn’t like Maya that much in the previous book-such a trouble maker!-she really comes into her own in this book. And of course, if you read the last book, you know that Shane is completely smitten with her. Both ended up being good characters, and I did really enjoy their romance. In addition, Olivia and Doug are back, and Olivia is about ready to deliver her baby. The rest of the characters from the nightclub, The Coven, are back as well. I felt like I knew all of them by the end. I am really curious if Sadie is going to get her HEA in the next book, AND if that will include a werewolf as well!
The premise. This time around, werewolves are the bad guys-well I should say most of them are. Horace, a black sheep son of the werewolf king, has come to town with really bad intentions. Those intentions seem to focus on Maya. So it gets very intriguing fast!
What I didn’t like about this book:
I enjoyed this book and think that it is a solid entry in this series. Nothing to put in this category for me.

Who would I recommend this book to:
All adult paranormal romance readers will find something to like in this book.

I will be reading the next book as soon as it comes out. I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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