GUEST REVIEW by Victoria: Gluttony (The Spider Mushroom Quest #1) by Dawn Marshallsay (@dawnmarshallsay , @romancebookworm)

GluttonyI may be in search of my destiny, but I don’t believe anyone can foresee it. It’s up to me how I reach it, and who helps me along the way.
–Ivy Slaughter

Ivy Slaughter’s goblin family has always treated her as a slave because she’s half-human, but now they’re sending her into the world of men to collect the stems of a mushroom that can change her into a full-blooded goblin before her eighteenth birthday. The closer Ivy gets to the prize, the closer she gets to losing the one thing she can call her own: her humanity. Human emotions she didn’t know existed before start surfacing when she saves a human ruffian from drowning. Can she trust Robin to share her quest, and her heart? What does it really mean to be human?
Seven stems, seven sins and one deadly prize …
While the eighth stem still holds up the Spider Mushroom like any other mushroom in the forest, the other stems must be earned by helping seven individuals overcome the seven deadly sins. Book One takes Ivy and Robin to a poisonous gingerbread city where a gluttonous wizard steals children’s minds and breathes life into severed crow heads. Welcome to Peppercake City.

Ivy Slaughter is a half goblin and half human. She is seventeen and sent on a quest by her Grandmother with the promise that if she completes it she will be turned into a full-blooded goblin. Ivy has to find all seven stems of the spider mushroom while helping seven people overcome the seven deadly sins.
As the story progresses I am not sure Ivy wants to be a full-blooded goblin. No one around her treats her with any kindness but it’s the world that is all she knows. I do wonder as this quest continues if Ivy will change her mind and while complete the quest, chose to be fully human instead.
I found this book well written. The main and secondary characters were engaging and interesting. I was drawn into this story by Ms. Mashallsay’s writing style. I had a hard time putting this book down. The only thing that bugged me was the constant switching from following Ivy then following Robin it was hard to keep up at times. Overall, this was a good book.
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