RELEASE DAY REVIEW by Lorna: Gone to Her Grave (Rogue River#2) by Melinda Leigh ​(@MelindaLeigh1 , @Mollykatie112)

81vmqBS3G8L._SL1500_In Solitude, Oregon, everyone has secrets…and some will kill to keep them.
When she believes a teen is falsely accused of drug dealing, social worker Carly Taylor takes on a high-risk case and her estranged husband—the detective in charge of the investigation—to prove the boy innocent. A deadly new designer drug has taken hold of her small rural hometown of Solitude, Oregon, and Carly is determined to find the real dealer and clear the teen’s name. But the deeper she digs into the case, the more danger she unearths, until someone decides it’s time for Carly to move on…permanently.
Investigator Seth Harding knows he can’t stop his wife when she has a child to protect. But he risks any chance of reconciliation with Carly if he can’t learn to accept her dangerous job. When a drug dealer decides Carly is getting too close, will Seth lose her altogether?

Recently I read, and reviewed the first in this series of four novellas, On Her Father’s Grave, and really liked it. That one was written by Kendra Elliott, who will also write the third one. This one was written by Melinda Leigh, who will also write the last one. Not only are these romances, but they are also mysteries, or as I like to call them, women in jeopardy books.
Carly is a social worker, and is the sister of Stevie from the first book. That means, she too, has just lost her father a few months before. She is separated from her detective husband, Seth, and lives in the guest cottage near her parents home, with her little girl. She’s an extremely caring person, and drops everything when there is a child in need. Her husband does the same thing, only for crime scenes. With him though, it’s a double standard, and he feels like she should be a stay at home mom, and thinks his job is more important then hers. To be honest, that didn’t endear me to him, in the least.
The premise is pretty similar to the last book. There’s a new deadly drug that’s been introduced into this small town, and more then several teenagers have died in the county. Now a woman is in a coma, due to taking the drug she finds in her son’s things. Not exactly the best mother material here. The son, Peter, blames Russ, the son of the man that was dealing the drug from the last book. Carly doesn’t believe Peter. There’s also another storyline that involves a drunk, that treats his family really bad. Carly gets right in the middle of both cases. Of course, Seth gets involved too.
As before, the novella was a really fast read. Since it has a lot of the same characters, and part of the same premise, it almost felt like just a continuation of the previous book. I know that it is, but even though it was written by a different author, it really didn’t feel like the author had changed, which I guess is a good thing. So that was a plus, as was the very likable characters-not talking about the villains here, of course.
The only problem I had with this novella was the end part, it just reminded me too much of the last book, and I noticed it immediately. Maybe if I hadn’t just read the other novella, it wouldn’t have stuck out as much for me. Certainly, i can’t say this was a big problem for me. Something else, not really a problem, but I don’t understand the title of the book at all. Maybe that’s just me.
I recommend this to romance/mystery fans, probably ages 16 plus, due mainly to violence.
The review copy of Gone to Her Grave was supplied by the publisher Montlake Romance via NetGalley.

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