RELEASE DAY REVIEW by Charity: Speak of the Devil (Demon Legacy #2) by J.M. Gregoire (@plantingmoon)

ebookcover72dpiNearly half a year has passed since Asmodeus opened the gateway allowing an unknown number of demons to spill onto our plane of existence. A fatal standoff has left Dez on her own to hunt the stray demons down and send them back to Hell where they belong. Her life has become a never-ending cycle of violence and bloodshed, further tainted by a deepening depression and a longing for the person she had to leave behind.

When Dez receives an unexpected phone call, she makes her way to the northern Arizona desert to see an old friend. Upon arrival, there is a message waiting for her from beyond the grave, and she realizes before she can go any further, she must face the one thing she’s been dreading for months. To make matters worse, the message is meant to help her mission, but it forces Dez into an impossible choice.

Only Dez can decide which road to take, but will she be able to handle the consequences of her decision?




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Speak of the Devil
by J.M. Gregoire

Demon Legacy #2

Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance

J.M. Gregoire Books

Publication Date:
January 27, 2015

Speak of the Devil is the 2nd full-length installment in J.M. Gregoire’s Demon Legacy series and I must say her writing keeps getting better and better. Ms. Gregoire is really blossoming as a writer and I can see a huge amount of growth in her most recent novel.

Having loved both Burning (the prequel), and The Devil You Know (Book 1) this had me super pumped when I got my hands on a copy of Speak Of The Devil. I was confident I was going to enjoy it as much as I did the previous two books. Well, I was wrong – I loved it more!

First of all the pacing was perfect. From the first paragraph to the last. There wasn’t any annoying lag or redundant talky-talk from the characters. Ms. Gregoire gives her characters enough depth and backstory that forces the reader care about these people. And that’s what it’s all about for me when I read a book; do I care about the characters and what happens to them? Well I certainly do in this series. And that right there is what makes this book a winner in my opinion.

But it’s not just the characters and pacing that make this series special. It’s the creativity in the storyline too. I read a lot of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy, so I feel I have become quite the expert on all the cliche, Vampire, Witch, Demon, Werewolf, Fae, what have you storylines and character traits. But Ms. Gregoire’s doesn’t do cliche. Oh no, she does not, and I appreciate that. Her main character Dez is a demon-witch hybrid. One who is hell-bent (see what I did there) on taking out all the demons who have crossed through a gateway into our plane of existence. Throughout her journey of killing demons, Dez discovers that she possesses special abilities. Dez is a take charge kinda gal, down to earth and super easy to relate to. Then there’s Vegas. We see a softer, gentler side of his character then we had in book 1, this large in part to his growing love and affection for Dez. I think I liked his character more in this book. He still wants to protect his woman, but also knew when he needed to step back and let her handle her business. Charlie, Harley, Lucas, and Natalia are fantastic supporting characters and add to the richness, and humor to the series.

I can’t express how proud I am of this Author. I have been following her from the beginning and it’s been such a pleasure to be one of the lucky few that has had the opportunity to read her novels first hand. I see big things for J.M. Gregoire. Right out of the gate she is impressive. I can’t wait to see what her future works will hold in store.

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JM Gregoire Author PicBestselling author J.M. Gregoire was born and raised in New Hampshire, USA and despite her abhorrence for any season that dares to drop to a temperature below seventy degrees, she still currently resides there with her two children and her two cats. Always a passionate reader, her love of urban fantasy books eventually morphed into a love of writing them. She is currently working on the Demon Legacy series and has a Demon Legacy spinoff series, the Killer Instinct series, coming soon.

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