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91KklMBQbgL._SL1500_Francey Neeley’s life has been torn to pieces. Her handsome and charming Irish boyfriend turned out to be a terrorist who was only after her fortune and planned to kill her once he got it. His “sister” forced Francey to help her attempt a rescue when his cover was blown during a mission to assassinate a world leader. Francey barely escaped with her life in the shoot-out.

Now Francey’s secluded herself amidst the beautiful, healing atmosphere of Belle Reste, her cousin’s resort on a Jamaican island. She’s emotionally shattered and remains under a cloud of suspicion even after being interrogated by every major law enforcement agency.

Warning bells go off from the moment British school teacher Michael Dowd arrives to recuperate from a car accident. Though he’s obviously recovering from serious injuries, she sees glimpses of a coldly efficient predator that make her wary of her intense attraction to him. She made one horrible mistake already . . .

Michael Dowd is there to find out the truth about her involvement; he’ll seduce her if that’s what it takes. And if he learns she was one of the terrorists, he’ll kill her.

But someone on the island is trying to kill them both. How will Francey know who to trust when Michael disappears and reappears as a perfect stranger? Who is the villain, and who is the savior? The wrong answer means death.

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Now You See Him
by Anne Stuart


Contemporary Romance

Bell Bridge Books

Publication Date:
February 11, 2015


Anne Stuart has been one of my favorite romantic suspense authors for probably the last thirty years. When I saw this on Net Galley I immediately requested it, in exchange for a fair and honest review. I wasn’t too far in, before realized I had read this over twenty years ago. I read too many books to remember the details, so I continued and read the whole thing again-and enjoyed it all over again.

This author is the master(mistress?) at writing dark romantic suspense, as far as I am concerned anyway. Her hero’s are never the nice guy next door, they almost always have an edge, possibly living on the edge, or are really different. This time around, the hero is Michael, a secret agent from England. He has been horribly injured, and has gone to stay on the island of St. Anne, at the home of a millionaire, that dabbles in helping different spy organizations. He’s gone there to meet Francey, a young woman who is healing from her own trauma, and is also the cousin to the millionaire. He, of course, is undercover and sent there to find out what Francey knows about a secret Irish group that tried to kill the Queen. Is she an innocent, or will he have to kill her? That’s the crux of this story.

Since this was written in 1992, there are no mentions of the internet, which is almost unheard of in a book today. It’s also told during the height of the Northern Ireland conflict that didn’t end until 1998. Pretty interesting(and very sad) times.

If I had one problem with this book, it would be that Francey is constantly being rescued. I kept wanting(expecting) her to step up, and save herself. If Michael hadn’t been around, Francey probably wouldn’t have made it past the first few chapters. I will say, she does have one good moment. I just wanted her to have a lot more, and I think that’s because of all the books I read now with kick butt heroines.

The characters were otherwise good, the setting on St. Anne, beautiful, but the action does move to other countries. There’s plenty of suspense, near death moments, and of course romance. Not an easy romance either. For me, this was an extremely quick read, as I always find with this author’s excellent writing.

I would recommend this to all adult, romantic suspense readers. Anne Stuart books are a must read for these readers.

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The review copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.


51bEUYHttjL._UX250_I’ve been writing since the dawn of time. A child prodigy, I made my first professional sale to Jack and Jill Magazine at the age of 7, for which I received $25 (admittedly my father worked for the publisher). Since then I’ve written gothics, regencies, romantic suspense, historical romance, series romance — anything with sex and violence, love and redemption. I misbehave frequently, but somehow have managed to amass lots of glittering prizes, like NYT, PW and USA Today bestseller status, Lifetime Achievement Award from the Romance Writers of America, and a decent smattering of Romantic times and RITA awards.

I live on a lake in Northern Vermont with my incredibly fabulous husband. My two children have flown the coop, but the three cats do their best to keep us from being lonely.

In my spare time I quilt and play around with wearable art, and the rest of the time I write write write. Apparently women of a certain age get a rush of creativity, and I’m currently enjoying it. Too many stories to write, not enough hours in the day.

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