REVIEW by Jena: Firstborn (Legacy #1) by Ryan Attard (@Enkousama)

91JiL-sY0nL._SL1500_There’s a war raging between the forces of Heaven and Hell; and, as if he didn’t have enough to deal with from his own issues, his sister has chosen the wrong side.

“I was in control of this Armageddon-level spell. I willed it to life and I gave it purpose. The sky swirled and grey clouds condensed into a swirling mass. Thunder and lightning resounded all over the place. I dropped my gun and focused entirely on the spell. The shadows coalesced inside my right hand as I squeezed it into a fist. The sky swirled.”

Meet Erik Ashendale, wizard.

He solves all kinds of problems of a magical and freaky nature. And he’s usually up for hunting down the supernatural, especially when his rent’s due.

In his first full length novel of The Legacy Series, Erik and his unlikely companions have to square off against angels, demons, and an ancient Japanese monster.


by Ryan Attard

Legacy #1

Urban Fantasy


Publication Date:
January 24, 2015


When I received this review request, I hadn’t heard of the author or series. After reading, he’s got a new fan.

Firstborn starts out a little rocky. As a reader, you’re dropped into the story and have to play a bit of catch up initially, but, once you’re all caught up, the story is compelling and keeps you turning the page. I will say that the action starts from page one, so, if you’re an urban fantasy fan like yours truly, you’re going to love the pacing of this book. There is no waiting to get to the good stuff. Even with the world building at the start, the action is still right there from the get go.

Our main character is a bit snarky for a male lead and I loved it. Erik is a personality I instantly gravitated toward. He’s easy to relate to, even if he is a wizard. I was also pleasantly surprised to find Firstborn is also filled to the brim with humor. Plenty of witty quips and sarcasm to go around.

If you’re a fan of the Jeremiah Hunt series by Joseph Nassise or the Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher, I think you’d really enjoy Firstborn by Ryan Attard. Lots of action mixed with mystery and comedy thrown in to spice things up a bit. I loved this book and will most definitely be continuing on with the series. Cant wait to get my hands on the next installment!

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The review copy of Firstborn was supplied by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.



618xD4cQUGL._UX250_Ryan Attard had one thing that distinguished him from the rest of his fan-fiction writing circle of friends: No matter how hard he tried, he would always throw an original character and a unique plot twist that would drive his hardcore geeky friends up a wall.

It wasn’t long until Ryan found himself writing about the things he loved; magic, pissed off wizards, supernatural creatures, epic battles and all round badassery. Add to this a blend of satire, sarcasm, humour at the cost of the protagonist and a semi-original view point of the world of magic and mysticism in the 21th century and one can see the inner workings of this author’s mind at work.

Nowadays Ryan divides his time between attempting to live a normal student life, writing the second book of the Legacy series as well as for other projects and ruling over his imaginative worlds as a malicious god.

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