REVIEW by Lorna: Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega # 1) by Patricia Briggs (@Mercys_Garage , @Mollykatie112)

Cry Wolf

Now Briggs begins an extraordinary new series set in Mercy Thompson’s world—but with rules of its own.


Anna never knew werewolves existed until the night she survived a violent attack…and became one herself. After three years at the bottom of the pack, she’d learned to keep her head down and never, ever trust dominant males. But Anna is that rarest kind of werewolf: an Omega. And one of the most powerful werewolves in the country will recognize her value as a pack member—and as his mate.


Cry Wolf
by Patricia Briggs

Alpha and Omega #1

Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance


Publication Date:
July 29, 2008


I recently read, Alpha and Omega, the first novella in this series, and really enjoyed it. I immediately purchased this first book in the series upon finishing the novella, and I was really glad I did. The novella introduced the reader to Charles and Anna, werewolves with wolves that have bonded together immediately upon meeting. This is the story of what happens when the two leave Chicago, Anna’s home, to go back to Charles’s pack in Montana.

Anna has left behind her home, her job, and everything she knows to make a home with Charles. Charles is a couple of hundred years old and has never in all that time been bonded to anyone, so this is all new to him as well-but he really wants it. He’s never needed anyone, is his father’s (the pack’s alpha) enforcer/assassin, and is pretty closed off to people. Anna was turned to a werewolf by force and treated horribly by the Chicago pack. Montana is a chance for a new life for her and caring about Charles is the icing on the cake for her. But she is still leery, of course, due to her poor treatment by a pack already. But the Montana pack is completely different, and people are not forced into turning into werewolves, nor are they raped as Anna was, over and over.

A rogue werewolf is killing human’s in the mountains close to the pack’s home. It’s up to Charles to take care of the problem and since Anna is an omega wolf, the alpha sends her along on the hunt. Omega’s are extremely rare and are capable of calming even the most enraged wolf-a handy talent to have when hunting a rogue wolf for sure.That would be enough of a premise for a book already, but add to that an evil witch with an agenda focused on an ancient wolf who is also part of the pack, and the book just gets even more mega exciting and fast paced.

If I had one problem with this read, it would be the amount of the book that takes place in the mountains during a huge winter storm. Yes, it was exciting, and I am sure I am in a minority, but since the pack was new to the reader as well as to Anna, I wanted more interaction with the pack, and the town where the pack lives. Hopefully that will come in the next books. There was also a death that I wish hadn’t happened, and I would have loved seeing more of this person.

So fantastic premise, great, well written characters, equally well imagined world building and a romance that I can’t wait to read more about- all this equals a good read and an equally good time while reading. I can certainly see why Patricia Briggs is considered one of the best paranormal authors writing today. Recommended for adult paranormal/urban fantasy fans.

FYI-You don’t have to read Alpha and Omega, but I highly recommend it in order to understand Anna and Charles’s relationship better.

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40563Patricia Briggs is the author of the New York Times bestselling Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series. She lives in Washington state with her husband, children, and a small herd of horses.




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