REVIEW by Lorna: Love Muffin and Chai Latte by Anya Wylde (@Anyawylde , @Mollykatie112)

Love MuffinClear your calendar, turn on your voicemail and get cozy on the sofa as Anya Wylde has decided to dip her toes into the world of contemporary romance …

Love Muffin and Chai Latte follows the journey of Tabitha Lee Timmons as she deals with financial stress, loony relatives, some crooks, an unhappy bride to be, a grumpy old man and two heartbreakingly handsome men.




Love Muffin and Chai Latte
by Anya Wylde

n/a; standalone

Contemporary Romance
Romantic Comedy


Publication Date
July 25, 2015

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First things first. Most of this book takes place in India. That’s for people that think this is the normal contemporary romance read. Thanks to Sophia at Delighted Reader blog for the recommendation, because to be honest the cover and title were not conducive to me buying or reading this book. And I am really glad I did!

Tabitha is an American living in England and dating a rich Indian guy named Chris. When he proposes out of the blue-admittedly after a year of dating-she is pretty flabbergasted, but accepts. Not because she loves him, more because she doesn’t have anything else. Well she has a sister that married her fiance. And that was quite the blow to her self esteem, not to mention having a sibling that would do that to her. So Tabby finds herself on a whirlwind trip to India.

Tabby was a fun character, and actually grew a lot as a person throughout this read. At first I thought she was pretty stupid to accept a proposal without love, and as the story progressed she does realize it. Chris was just horrible in the end. He has his own agenda, and it’s pretty nefarious. Tabby meets another member of Chris’s huge family, a cousin by the name of Dev. Dev is everything good that Chris isn’t. She also is befriended by Maya, Chris’s sister. Maya is being railroaded into an arranged marriage. She is desperate to have her freedom, and it’s not long before Tabby is helping her figure out a way to get out of it. And Dev, Maya, and Tabby begin spending time together to that end. But another character would have to be all of Chris’s many colorful, and sometimes outspoken relatives. They were quite the group and you never knew who was going to say or do something funny from one minute to the next.

This book had me laughing from almost the first page and all the way through. It’s a romance of course, but I would characterize it more as a comedy than anything else. Tabby manages to get herself into so many situations that were out and out hilarious at times. There’s no sexual scenes and honestly I didn’t miss them. But what there is, is a wonderful story about an American girl, an Indian family that ends up loving her, and a man who falls in love with his cousin’s intended. The customs, the food, the beauty of India, all of that is in this read, as well. I really wish this book had a better cover and title for that matter, as people may just pass this book by thinking it’s not a good read, when that couldn’t be further than the truth.

This was a fun read that kept me laughing and reading until I finished it. Highly recommended to people that like a humorous romance and set in a really different place-India.


Lorna Finished

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About Anya Wylde

Anya Wylde lives in Ireland along with her husband and a fat French poodle (now on a diet). She can cook a mean curry, and her idea of exercise is occasionally stretching her toes. She holds a degree in English literature and adores reading and writing.

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  1. bookwormbrandee says:

    I’m glad I checked out your review, Lorna, because it’s not something I’d ordinarily gravitate towards. But I love the sound of it. It seems like a rich as well as humorous experience. It’s going on my wish list!

    1. lornak99 says:

      I really need to check out comments more often-just saw this as well. I really enjoyed this read and would never have gravitated to this one either if I hadn’t read Sophia’s review. That’s why I think it needs a better cover and title! I hope you enjoy!

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