Here’s some good juju from the #indie #author community for November 5, 2015!

Yesterday’s Good Juju post was a lot of fun and we’re already locked and loaded for this fine Thursday morning!

Got some good juju you want us to share???  Email your screenshot to and we’ll happily share!

Here’s some of the good juju I’ve seen around social media since yesterday afternoon!  Enjoy!

Jena PTPR Signature




T.H. Snyder Spreading the HOPE Around!

juju 1

And a little bit more…

TH Snyder



A Cover Artist Lending Some #NaNoWriMo
Encouragement With INCENTIVES!

juju 212



Congrats to Some Fab Writers!


One for releasing a book 11 days early…

Jay McLean

….and one for typing The End on her FIFTH book!

TK Rapp



Richard Castle T-shirt for Charity

Okay, look, Richard Castle may not be a real author, but Nathan Fillion is an epic human being, so I wanted to share this one.  A WWRCD, What Would Richard Castle Do, t-shirt, and all proceeds go to, a charity established to fund clean drinking water in places that need it.  You can get your WWRCD shirt at  If only it came with Nathan Fillion and laser tag…..

Nathan Fillion



Charity Auction to Support the Families of
Two Children Kicking Leukemia’s Ass!


Fighting Cancer One Chapter At A Time




One of Our Own is About to Take
RT Reviews Magazine by Storm!

Helena Rizzuto PA - Kathy Coopmans



For That Moment When Things Aren’t Going Perfect…

David Wolfe is not part of the indie community, but he’s one of the most inspirational people I follow on social media.  I saw this post last night and HAD to share with you guys.
David Wolfe



And Another Joins Our Ranks!

Reach out and give her a warm welcome!

Kristina Lee Borden



Some Blogger on Blogger Lovin’

Okay, that title sounds a lot dirtier than I intended…

Jen Wildner



A Big Welcome Back to Sandy Lea Sullivan!

Sandy Lea



But That’s the Best Kind of Raunchy

Shannon Bell



This Explains a LOT…




#NaNoWriMo Syndrome


That’s it for today’s good juju from the indie author community.  Dont forget!  If you see some good juju, screenshot it and email it to and we’ll post it in the next good juju post!

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