Here’s some good juju from the #indie #author community for November 12, 2015!

This week has been a long one.  My spirits have been slightly down for the last couple of days, but that hasn’t stopped me from banking some good juju in my screenshots file.  I even have some Pure Textuality PR good juju to share!!  <3

We’re almost half way through #NaNoWriMo and watching everyone’s progress is awesome!  I wish I could have participated, but it just wasn’t in the cards for me this year.  We dont have a lot of #NaNoWriMo screenshots today, but I want all the participants to know that we are behind you, cheering you on!  Go Go GO!!!!  #YouGotThis

Got some good juju you want us to share???  Email your screenshot to and we’ll happily share.


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Some Pure Textuality PR Good Juju!

When I started doing this post, it was out of a desire to show the community how much good happens every day.  Social media has changed our industry so much, and too often, our newsfeeds seem to be saturated with negativity.  I wanted to share this with all of you to show you what makes me smile.  This is proof that the good juju can spread through our community like wildfire.   Even with only one like on Facebook, it was still seen by over 600 people on that first day (it’s more now, of course).  So, for that, I thank you for sharing.  <3


Another piece of PTPR good juju I want to share is regarding the Rock & Read event in Las Vegas in January 2016.  I’m particularly excited about this event because I’m coming along with Heather, the newest member of the PTPR team.  I will be there as an author and she will be there as my assistant and to rep PTPR.  Both she and I are sooooooo psyched about this trip and we cant wait to meet everyone there.    There are authors coming in from all over, most of whom I have been friends with online for YEARS.  It’ll be awesome to finally get to meet everyone in person!  I’m nervous and excited and it’s damn near all I can think about these days.  I cant wait to show everyone the fun stuff we are bringing, too!


Anyway!  On with the rest of the community!  😉


A Book Blogger Throwin’ the Love Around!



Wise Words From a Fabulous Book Blogger & Promoter

Roxanne is the brains behind our touring partner, Bewitching Book Tours!



Today is a Brand New Day!



When She Comes Undone – Coming November 30th

Vanessa is actually one of my clients here at PTPR and when I saw this post, I cant even begin to tell you how big I smiled.  I couldn’t be more proud of her and she’s going to take this world by storm when When She Comes Undone drops.  The writing is spectacular and just look at that cover!  Gorgeous.  Simply gorgeous.




That Moment When You Just Have to Tell a New Story



Go Ahead.  Raise Your Hand If This is So You.



Wise Words of Wisdom



And We Have Another Con First Timer!  Congrats!



Pie Would Be Welcomed But The Review Helps More



Another Author Makes Her Ripples in the Model Pond!

This pic and many others
available via Pink Ink Designs!



She Struck GOLD!



Lift Up Instead of Tearing Down!



Woo Hoo!  Congrats on Finished Manuscripts!




#NaNoWriMo, Go Go GO!!!



Everyone Loves a Good Compliment



That’s it for today’s good juju!  I promise to be in better spirits tomorrow.  As always, spread the positivity around!

Got some good juju you want us to share???  Email your screenshot to and we’ll happily share!

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