GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY: Kimberly Bernard, Author of Lost Prophecy: Awakening (@fictitiousfemme)

Today we welcome Kimberly Bernard to the blog!  Kimberly is the author of LOST PROPHECY: AWAKENING.

Guest Post

by Kimberly Bernard

I remember playing the telephone game in my high school drama class. You know, the game that starts with one person whispering a five-sentence story into someone’s ear? The story gets whispered through numerous students until the last student shares what they heard and everyone realizes the original story has become completely misrepresented.
There are many mysteries, enigmas, and myths that circulate from the past, to the present, and onto the future. Each generation adding, subtracting, or changing their version and passing it onto the next. Sometimes it is for the simple sake of entertainment, other times to instill fear, courage, comfort, hope, or a barrage of other emotions. No matter the reason, the stories continue. But are they really just stories? What if, just like the telephone game, stories were derived from actual facts, convoluted over time?
Lost Prophecy


There is one such story that has peaked my interest since childhood: Atlantis. Hearing the myth as a child, I was a believer. Atlantis did exist, no question. However, as an adult, my blind affirmations made me curious. What facts or evidence is there that such an advanced and wealthy civilization existed millennia before modern man?
My question, which I perceived as a simple internet search, turned into a full blown research project. Specifically, a historical timeline of civilizations, cultures, religion, and ultimately, faith. Knee-deep in pictographs, goddesses, and religious texts, it became abundantly clear that I could develop a spellbinding, yet meaningful, work of fiction based on factual history. And thus, the Lost Prophecy was born.
There is a famous saying that claims there are two sides to every story. Well, I can assure you that when it comes to the important stories, specifically the ones that have shaped our religions, cultures, and civilization, there are most certainly multiple accounts. With this in mind, I invite you to read my version of events. Completely accurate, or completely preposterous, you are sure to have some fun and maybe learn a thing or two.
Lost Prophecy: Awakening
Lost ProphecyAfter celebrating his fifteenth birthday, Nick is eager to get his learner’s permit and begin driving. Attempting to gather the required documents, Nick finds out he does not have a birth certificate. He receives a mysterious pictograph card in his mailbox which prompts his parents to confess a life changing truth about his birth. Desperate to translate the pictographs, Nick enlists the help of a professor.
Unbeknown to Nick, Professor Elliot Shelton is intrigued by the pictographs and the potential value they hold. He puts Nick under surveillance. Once translated, the eerie truth sends Nick to Mexico where he returns to his birthplace. With the greedy professor following his every move, Nick meets Roslyn and together they uncover an unbelievable secret, involving an ancient spirit and the salvation of the world.
Lost Prophecy: Awakening
by Kimberly Bernard
n/a; standalone
Publication Date
March 4, 2016
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About Kimberly Barnard
Kimberly Bernard
Kimberly Bernard was born in Macon, Georgia, but spent the majority of her childhood on Anna Maria Island in Florida. She returned to Georgia for her middle and high school years. While still in high school, she met her future husband and they attended Georgia State University together.
After college, Kimberly and her husband were married and lived in Covington, Georgia for a few years before moving to Nassau, Bahamas. In Nassau, Kimberly became intrigued by the Atlantis Resort and the supposed mythical city it is modeled after. This became the inspiration for her first series, Lost Prophecy. They built a home that overlooked the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Kimberly gave birth to her first child and began writing during her son’s lengthy naps.
After six years in the Bahamas, Kimberly and her husband decided to return to the United States to raise their family. They made their home in Jupiter, Florida, where they currently reside. A few years ago they welcomed their second child, a little girl. Kimberly and her family enjoy the Florida lifestyle of sand, sea, and sun.
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