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consumedThirty-seven minutes after midnight.
Like clockwork, an exquisite stranger sashays into his bar, orders up a shot of Jack Daniel’s, and stirs up his curiosity— not to mention his libido. Awaiting the arrival of this mysterious woman, night after night, has Ethan Bearbower growling in frustration.
Or maybe it’s her hasty retreat after slamming the whiskey that’s driving him crazy.
Lord knows her choice of attire isn’t improving his condition in the least—one night she’s dressed like a shy, sweet nymph, and the next, a seductive dominatrix.
No wonder he’s going out of his mind.
But once Ethan uncovers her true identity, his inquisitiveness morphs into a protective streak he can’t seem to control. Consumed by this unusual fascination for a woman he’s just met and his need to keep her safe, Ethan struggles to reconcile his long-held beliefs with his mounting emotions.
Danielle is searching for the truth, and she’s not going home until she’s satisfied. But before she can unearth the answers to her biggest questions, she discovers a sexy man who just might derail her quest.
With explosive chemistry and tenderly whispered words of love, their relationship seems destined to last forever…until Danielle’s unrelenting search brings danger to her doorstep.





About the Book!

by Kate Carley
Changing Krysset #2
Romantic Suspense
Publication Date
September 30, 2016
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Trish’s Review

The second book in the Changing Krysset series, Consumed is set in the same town, but features a different budding romance and a new mystery to solve. This time Taz Bear (Ethan) finds himself entranced by a mysterious stranger who’s come to find her sister’s killer.
The story is kind of a cross between romance, cozy mystery, and suspense. The suspense was great and the clues and vibes coming off the characters nudged me in the direction of the killers, but not so well that I guessed it early. I actually doubted my instincts, right along with the heroine. Good stuff.
Like in the first book, the story swaps between Ethan’s and Danielle’s perspectives, but it isn’t spelled out like in some books. Still, the perspectives feel distinct, so that’s good.
I did find the characters to be way more randy than quite believable, and some of the scenes started running together, feeling very similar to those in the first book. Also, linking back to the perspectives, sometimes they swap during an intimate scene, which kind of kills the momentum.
Overall, I really liked this book. Folks who love a steamy romance paired with a good bit of danger and suspense will likely enjoy this story.
Trish Finished
The review copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

About Kate Carley

kate-carleyKate spent seven years working as an IT professional before ‘retiring’ to stay at home with her two little boys. Now–two more children and two decades later–Kate is launching her new book series: Changing Krysset.
When Kate isn’t writing, she’s cooking for her brood. Late at night, you’ll find her curled up by the fireplace reading a romance novel.
Kate lives in the Midwest with her husband of twenty-seven years and their four children.
Visit Kate online at

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