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~ Erotic Contemporary Romance

By New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author T.J. Michaels

JUST $1.99 EACH!


twilight-teahouse-1-0-juicyTwilight Teahouse #1

Solie Shaw is a brilliant self-made woman. After managing a corporation by day, at night, all she wants is to not be in charge. The last man she’d gifted her heart to had smashed it to smithereens and then did the mambo on top of the pieces. Now, along comes the chance to get exactly what she needs. All Solie has to do…is choose.


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twilight-teahouse-2-0-lusciousTwilight Teahouse #2

MacKenzie Ivers is a strong personality who submits to one man–her husband, Landon. After ten years of marriage, a nasty divorce, followed by a sweet reconciliation, Mac wants nothing more than for her husband to stop punishing himself for his part in the former “crazy”. It’s going to require some conniving and some rope…miles and miles of rope. Luckily, Twilight Teahouse has everything she needs to get this particular rigger back in the saddle.


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twilight-teahouse-3-0-succulentTwilight Teahouse #3

Twilight Teahouse ~ Choose something decadent from our menu…

Madison Lee is the proud co-owner of the only premier BDSM club in Seattle. Her life is perfect but for one thing—she’s a “single” married woman nearing the end of her patience with a gorgeous, but no-show husband.

An accomplished and world-renowned yogi, Kinson Lee believes his wife hangs the moon. She holds down the fort so he can travel the world living his dream. But will his dream become a nightmare as the woman he loves beyond measure considers taking her own leave of absence?

Sex between them has always been explosively delicious. But now, floggers and rope are no longer enough. Kinson must pull out the big guns to convince his own personal moon goddess to stick around.

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About T.J. Michaels

tj-gold-1TJ is a USA Today and NY Times bestseller, as well as a award-winning author of several romance genres, including paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and urban fantasy romance.

No matter the genre TJ is penning, her favorite thing to do is build worlds. To take you somewhere extraordinary. To transport you to a place where you can close your eyes and slip into your fantasy…

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