RELEASE DAY SPOTLIGHT & EXCERPT: Dare to Be Three (Dare Menage #3) by Jeanne St. James (@JeanneStJames)

DARE TO BE THREE, the third installment in the Dare Menage series by Jeanne St. James.
He was dark. So dark, she couldn’t keep her gaze from him…
When Paige Reed spots a man across the room at a party, she’s fascinated and decides she wants him in her bed. Fortunately, her husband, Connor, doesn’t mind. He’s attracted to the powerful man too.
Always bi-curious, the right opportunity has never presented itself to Connor Morgan. Until now. He doesn’t mind bringing another man into their marriage as long as it doesn’t drive a wedge between him and Paige.
Former NFL player, Graedon Ward likes to be in control. He’s more than pleased with Paige’s obvious interest. However, she makes it quite clear: it’s a package deal. If he wants her, he has to take on her husband too, and past experience has taught him that’s a dangerous road to travel.
The chemistry between the three is explosive, but it’s Grae’s desire to share the same level of intimacy he sees between Paige and Conner that puts real pressure on the threesome. And it may cause it all to crash and burn.
Note: This book in the series can be read as stand-alone. It includes an HEA ending. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes light BDSM as well as explicit sexual scenes between all three characters.






About the Book

Dare to Be Three
by Jeanne St. James
Dare Menage #3
Erotic Romance
Contemporary Romance
Publication Date
March 15, 2017
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Dare to Be Three Excerpt

Graedon approached her along the port side of the boat. The nautical term was the very first thing Graedon had taught them. The port side was left, the starboard right, the bow the front, the stern the back. If that was all she had to learn today, she was fine with it. Let the men do their manly thing.
She turned her head, her hair whipping her face sharply, to watch him move with ease along the walkway to the bow, even though the water was a little choppy.
He wore another snug long-sleeve Henley, this time a shade of pink, salmon maybe, with the sleeves pushed halfway up his muscular arms. It highlighted the dark tone of his skin, pulling out the eggplant undertones. Yes, he didn’t seem a man worried about being judged for wearing pink. More men would wear the color if they looked as good as he did.
His thick, muscular legs were encased in black jeans and his feet bare. He settled next to her on the raised center of the bow, nudging her over with his hip.
“Shouldn’t you be driving this thing?” she asked, surprised and a little worried he left her husband in charge.
“Connor has it.”
“Really? You sure you want him in control of this—what, a hundred grand, at least—boat? I hope you have insurance.”
Graedon chuckled, his lips broadening enough to show his bright white teeth. ”He’ll be fine. We’re in deep open water. Nothing to hit but maybe another boat.”
“Oh, that’s reassuring.”
Graedon reached out to her, tucking a wild strand of hair behind her ear. It didn’t stay there very long. “Don’t bite your lip. Connor and I should be the only ones biting it.”
Paige hadn’t even realized she’d been doing it. Bad habit. She stopped abruptly.
“That’s better. You have beautifully curved lips made to pleasure a man.”
She smiled at him. “Like Connor did to you?”
He didn’t answer for a moment but instead looked away out over the water. Was he ashamed of liking men? He hadn’t really discussed it. Which seemed sort of odd. No. Can’t be. This man couldn’t be embarrassed at anything he did. He would own every decision he made.
He finally looked back at her and ran his thumb over her lip. “I look forward to you doing what he did. Perhaps when we stop at one of the secluded coves and anchor.”
She shivered with anticipation. “Everything he did to you he learned from me, I’ll have you know. Don’t forget, you are the first man he’s been with.”
“I haven’t forgotten.” He grabbed the back of her neck and tilted her head back enough to stare intently into her eyes. “Why didn’t you answer the first time I called this morning?”
“I was making breakfast.”
His fingers dug firmly into her skin. “That all?”
Paige’s breath quickened. “No.”
“Was he fucking you?”
Her heart thudded. “Yes.”
“In the kitchen.”
“On the island.” Suddenly, she imagined Graedon taking her on the counter, his muscles flexing as he pumped into her, bringing her to orgasm.
“Did you come?”
“Yes,” she hissed.
“How many times?”
Graedon leaned in and softly brushed her lips with his. “I would’ve made you come at least twice.” He released her abruptly.


The Dare Menage Series


About Jeanne St. James

jeanne-st-james-author-picJEANNE ST. JAMES is an erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only 13 started writing when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages.

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