HIS BOSS LADY by Mina S. Love

HIS BOSS LADY by Mina S. Love
Series:  The Boss Lady Duet Part 2
Genre: Adult Erotic Contemporary Romance
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Preston stormed into my life at the perfect time. He was everything I needed at the moment: smart, virile, arrogant, and beautiful.

He was also…MINE.

I was on the cusp of finalizing one of the most important business deals of my company’s history—my father’s company.

Preston was the key to its success, but I needed more from him than just financial reports. I needed his trust, his loyalty, and I needed him tied to my bed, begging for a high only I could give him. I needed him…

Collared and Owned.

People lie…

It was my own damned fault for putting my trust in the one person who controlled the desires that burned inside of me.
He lied to me.
He betrayed me.
Took away my ability to control.
I’m lost, searching for anything to take the pain away.

Preston is now in the hands of the authorities, fighting for his freedom. The odds are stacked against him but one thing remains constant…

His love for Nadia.

With Nadia in turmoil, Preston decides to clear his name and in the process, win back the one woman who controls his heart. They continue the chase, fighting their intense connection to one another, fighting for control. While Nadia wrestles with her emotions while saving her company’s image, Preston’s enemies grow in numbers as he continues to battle the impossible. He’s forced to confront his enemies no matter the consequence, making sure he doesn’t lose sight of the ultimate goal…

Owning it all…


About the Book

His Boss Lady
by Mina S. Love

The Boss Lady Duet Part 2

Erotic Romance
Contemporary Romance

Beautifully Twisted Publishing

Publication Date
June 5, 2017


About the Series


About Mina S. Love

Mina S. Love currently lives in Northeast Ohio and loves to read and write about love, sex, drama, suspense, and whatever else gets her going.  When she is not reading or writing, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, watching sports, or listening to music. She loves to travel, especially if it’s near the ocean.

Writing is something Mina has always been good at, but writing in this capacity has been a journey. Writing novels are more complex than writing a thesis, a college report, or writing up charts for work. She is excited about writing again and looks forward to engaging with new readers and other great authors.

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