REVIEW by Kayla: Everyone Has Their Demons by A.L. Kessler

Abigail Collins is no stranger to murder, but when a case hits close to home, she’s forced to trust agent Liz Jefferson to solve it. Abby finds a distraction when the victim of a demon shows up in an apartment with no signs of the summoner or the beast, and the new case quickly leads her down a darker road than she expected.

Meanwhile, trying to balance the new vampire politics that Levi throws at her is no easy feat. Ira is demanding a meeting under truce. Without knowing the full story, Abby goes in blind, hoping finally to have her shot at killing him.




About the Book

Everyone Has Their Demons
by A.L. Kessler

Here Witchy Witchy

Paranormal Suspense

Blood & Ink Press

Publication Date
March 12, 2018

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Kayla’s Review

A.L. Kessler’s latest release had me hooked. Everyone has Their Demons had surprises at every turn I almost couldn’t keep up! What I love about this series is it’s the lightest of romance-as in there wasn’t any to be excited about. The story focuses on the mystery and paranormal aspect rather than who is occupying the heroine’s love life. I went into the start of this series with book one (No More Black Magic) thinking this was a paranormal romance. Boy was I wrong, however by the time I figured that out I was already consumed with the storyline and had to keep reading. The author’s style of writing with the plot is what kept me coming back for more. Even with the lack of romance the story can stand on its own with its constant plot twists. I’m greedy to get my hands on book seven to see how the story continues.

I will say if you’re thinking of going into this story prepare for the lack of romance. I stayed for the story plot but the disappointment with the lack romance in the story line couldn’t be helped. I’m a hopeless romantic after all. I would recommend this series to all those who love a good paranormal mystery.

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