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How do you find your soul mate if you’re born without a soul?

Deva Rainsong is a chimera, a mixed breed of all four higher races, bred in a lab by the dragons’ mortal enemy. She was meant to be a vessel to house the enemy’s soul, but with the enemy dead in a recent war, Deva is left unclaimed – without a soul of her own and with a deep longing for a love she doesn’t think Fate will ever offer.

Five men have captured Deva’s heart, yet she refuses to entertain the thought of binding them to her. Even if she could unlock her ability to mark mates of her own, she has no soul to offer a potential soul mate.

Love without a true soul mate can only be an empty affair, and surely Fate has other plans for all her suitors besides a soulless girl like her. But when the six of them embark on a mission to uncover the secrets of a pack of rogue fate hounds, they learn that Fate’s reach is not boundless, and that they have more control over their destinies than they believed.

Warning: This story is a standalone spinoff of Ophelia Bell’s epically sexy “Immortal Dragons” series. It is a fast-burn HOT and steamy reverse-harem odyssey, with some M/M content, not meant for the faint of heart (or libido)… #whychoose!



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