REVIEW by Jen: Vampires of the Shield by Jan Dockter

Cade is a vampire, whose wife was a witch, but because of the witch trials kept a very low profile. Thinking she was alone, she cast a spell on the broken leg of a baby deer. Unfortunately, a woodsman saw her and turned her in. She was sentenced to death for witchcraft and Cade spent the next two hundred years wiping out every descendant of every judge that was on that trial.

Knowing he would never love again, his heart broken, Cade went to the new world to die a self-imposed vampires death called going under. Finding the perfect cave in Yellowstone he went under, thinking he would never watch another moon lit night. He was surprised to be awoken by the screams of a woman in trouble. Several hundred years had gone by. So many things had changed while he was asleep, but the one thing that remained the same was the desire of a beautiful woman. Who was this woman and what does she mean to Cade? When he finds out will he still want her or want to destroy her?





About the Book

Vampires of the Shield
by Jan Dockter

Undecided Love Book One

Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy

Persia Publishing

Publication Date
June 6, 2017

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Jen’s Review

It’s funny how love comes into one’s life. This is no more true than in the story of Cade, the vampire, and his lover Becca. This story starts out by giving us background information on Cade—on who he is, and why he was on a killing spree that lasted for over six centuries. It was after this killing spree he decided to “go under”, which means to be buried alive and go into a deep sleep, and after enough time has passed, he’ll be able to turn to dust and be gone from this Earth.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen. Since what woke him up was the danger that Becca, his soon to be lover, put herself into completely by accident. It was after that that we see these two were meant for each other. They completed each other so well.

As the story goes along, we see that Cade has an old dragon friend, who is also a shifter by the name of Aldain. Aldain has also fallen hard for Becca, but his love goes unrequited as he has a high moral code he follows. He will love her as a sister, and care for her as family, but nothing more.

As we get more into the story you learn that all the mythological creatures exist, more or less, and each has a representative. Each of them presides over their respective body of mythological creatures to ensure everyone is law abiding, to keep each other safe and such. But for them, Becca, who is human, is seen by a few of the council as a threat, After a while, many of them welcome her into their world, while others want her gone. So the question is will she live long enough to find her happiness with Cade? Or will she fall into the hands of those who want to see her gone in any way, even if it means killing her?

It’s a good story, yes. To be totally honest, there are a few sentences that sound off—some typos, wrong word usage (which happens occasionally)—but otherwise its an excellent read! I would recommend Vampires of the Shield to anyone who likes mythological creatures, vampires, or just a good romance story!

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