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Moll has always gotten what she wants. Fresh out of school and starting over after a bad breakup, the last thing she expects is to be caught in the crossfire – literally.

Life was never served to Ben Hale on a silver platter. But he always gets what he wants, too, because he’s the type to take it by force. Hardened and skilled, the only thing Ben allows himself to care about is his work…which just so happens to be committing crime. But when a split-second mistake causes his life to collide with a stranger, everything he thought he knew about right and wrong is put to the test.

Now at Ben’s whim, Moll is thrown into a world she never knew existed. Her new existence is captivity.


A possible refuge in the most unlikely of places.

It’s a world she desperately needs to escape from, but she can’t do it alone.

When your captor is also your savior, there’s no such thing as black and white.

WARNING: Readers 18+ only. Contains themes of captivity and dubious consent, as well as scenes of graphic violence and sexuality. May disturb some readers.


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