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So you tell me this: Why would I ever, ever, EVER give my heart to that bad boy … again?

Yeah, he’s sexy as hell. Yeah, he’s got more money than God. Yeah, he always takes what he wants.

But no way I’m falling for his act. We were high school sweethearts. We were gonna spend our lives together.

But he left; got the hell outta Dodge.

Now he’s back. A devil in a tailored blue suit. Sh^^ he’s hot.

He’s a raptor from the bright lights, big city and he’s on the hunt to take over the last manufacturing plant left in our hometown. Like it’s some kind of freakin’ 8-point buck for his fancy New York City digs.

I run that plant. So, basically, he wants to own me.

No way. I’m gonna fight him. But what if I lose? What if he takes the plant … and me?



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