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I keep you in a place within reach, but I don’t dare seek you out. I keep you just enough, just enough to feel you close. You’re my best friend, but I know in my heart you’ve always been more. I don’t dare look too much, hold too much, or wish too much from you.But it’s always there between us, potent and underneath the layers I keep you hidden in until it’s too much, and it sends me searching to find another someone to hold. And when I find her, I know I’m safe again. Safe from the need to make you mine.


I’m within reach, but he never dares to seek me out. I will keep you always, just enough, just enough to feel you close, because I don’t see you as anything more than a best friend… until that line blurs. I’m too afraid to tiptoe any closer to where you are, where we could be, but when I think I’m finally going to try reaching for more of you, another someone lands in your arms instead. And when she does, I know I’m safe again. Safe from the need to let me be yours.

JUST ENOUGH is a standalone friends-to-lovers contemporary romance.



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