AUDIOBOOK REVIEW by Jen: Pirate (Fairy Tale Bad Boys Book #2) by Erin Bedford

Sometimes the grown-ups have all the fun.

Wendy came to the Never Isles to get away from the stress of everyday life. To find adventure and maybe even a little bit of romance. What she didn’t expect was to get swept up by the charming sea captain with a gleam in his eye. A gleam that told her he wanted to do wicked things to her and lord help her she might just let him.

James wasn’t looking for adventure, he’d had his share in the navy. After a dishonorable discharge for a crime he didn’t commit, he was friendless, jobless, and on the run. His only solitude was the Never Isles where nobody knew his name. Until she literally fell into his arms. Can he find solace in her carefree heart before his past crimes catch up with him?



About the Book

by Erin Bedford

Fairy Tale Bad Boys Book Two

Paranormal Romance
Romantic Fantasy


Publication Date
May 15, 2017

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Jen’s Review

It’s funny how we think we know everything about old friends (characters) from our favorite classic stories. Then we grow up, and start twisting our old friends around, changing them to fit the fads and the way that we think about certain things around this time in our life.

PIRATE delves deeper into the dark side of the Peter Pan character. The author explores his immortality, specifically taking a look at how even though he remains young physically, his mind, like any other human’s, continues to age and mature as the years pass.

Similar to the hit television series Once Upon A Time, which portrayed him as evil, Erin Bedford’s gives us a more mischievous version of the character. Also similar to Once, Bedford’s Captain Hook is an intelligent, to-die-for, deliciously sexy young man with a sorrowful past. He continually tries to do penance for his past deeds by allowing Peter to think he’s pulling the strings, orchestrating circumstances so he himself can take on certain jobs in an effort to keep Peter from being arrested by Naval officers.

When Wendy comes into the picture, she’s just been dumped by Michael. And no, in this version he is NOT her brother. He’s a friend and former boyfriend. No incest in this book, thank god! As the story progresses, you’ll find there is something amiss with Wendy’s vacation trip to the Never Isle (Never Land!). And that’s when the fun starts to unfold.

PIRATE is a solid story. If you don’t mind a little steam in your story, there are a couple of explicit scenes. Other than that, it’s wonderful book filled with good banter and great romance.

Fans of Once Upon a Time would love Pirate. This story is a must read for any girl who wants a good adult version of their favorite classic fairy tale friends. Even though some of our old friends take on the role of the villain in this version, it’s a very interesting concept and a unique story.

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