REVIEW by Jen: The Cowboy’s Baby by Imani King

There’s a new girl in the small town of River Bend, Montana – a pretty little thing from the city who doesn’t know her heifers from her steers. Or her good guys from her f*cked up ex-Marines.

Her name is Tia Kinsley and she’s nothing like the girls in River Bend. Proud, smart and gorgeous, she’s a fish out of water with a habit of getting into sitcom-style scrapes. Not that I have any interest in rescuing her from those scrapes…

The last thing I came out here to the middle of nowhere to do is fall in love. Two brutal tours in Iraq left me broken and haunted, unfit for human companionship. Besides, I’ve got everything I need – my livestock, my property and my faithful dog, Beau.

I’ve got rules, too. No relationships that last longer than a single night, for one. No local girls. No entanglements.

Until one hot summer night when I catch a fleeting glimpse of something familiar in Tia’s dark eyes. I know that look. I see it every day, staring back at me in the mirror. Hurt. Loss.

So it turns out maybe I’m not the only one in pain. Maybe the world doesn’t revolve around me. And maybe – just maybe – being with her is like feeling the rain on my face after years in the desert.

I’m not fit for any of this and I know it – not fit for love or kindness or the sweet tenderness with which she treats me. For Tia’s own good – and even as her breathless little sighs still ring in my ears – I can’t let her in.

But I can’t seem to stay away, either, and the closer we dance to the cliff’s edge, the tighter I hold on…

Not your usual Bad Boy, this 70k standalone romance is a good old-fashioned love story – with lots of steam, no cliffhangers and a heart-melting HEA guaranteed!






About the Book

The Cowboy’s Baby
by Imani King

Corbett Billionaires Book One

Contemporary Romance


Publication Date
July 15, 2017

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Jen’s Review

This story is about two like souls finding each other in a small town in Montana. From the first accidental meeting, you know they are destined for each other. This story is full of heart and hopefulness. It shows that even in the darkest times of your life, one can still find the light and happiness.

Tia is an animal lover with a particular penchant for horses. Although she is a full grown adult, she lives with her aunt and uncle in what she calls the middle of nowhere. Following tragic loss, she’s a bit lost in the dark corners of her own mind. She’s sorrowful, always on the verge of tears and understandably so. Then she meets Dallas.

Dallas likes to keep to himself.  He’s a former military soldier with a case of PTSD left over from his time in the Middle East. For him, life is perfect. He’s got a small plot of land with enough room for his house and his horse. Who could ask for more? From the very first time they meet, Tia challenges him. From that moment, you can sense the sparks about to fly between them.

THE COWBOY’S BABY a solid romance. There is a bit of darkness but also a lot of sweetness and heart in this love story of a city girl and a country boy. For those who like a good western romance with a bit of steam, I highly recommend it.

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