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NEW RELEASE – The 4th Reverse Harem Romance in The Hearts of Dragons Series by Lee Hayton!

A fire demon stands between Wella and the magic to destroy kingdoms.

With Wella’s last attempt to take the dwarf riches for herself abandoned, she knocks on Shandra’s doorstep demanding help. A fire demon stands between the overlord and a mine stuffed full of magic crystals. If she lays her hands on them, Wella will be unstoppable.

Although most of her dragon-shifter harem believe Shandra should challenge Wella for the position of overlord, she’s resistant. Since Chance Rodrink also thinks it’s a bad idea, she enlists his help on their latest quest.

Clambering down into another dwarf mine isn’t top of Shandra’s hit list. Still, if she can evade the dwarves, slay the fire demon, and make it back out alive, she might finally have the peace she seeks.

Dragon’s Honor is book four of five featuring five strong dragon shifters and a woman with no need to choose. A new volume will be added every week or two—fast releases but a medium-burn pace. The books are intended for adult readers and contain sexual situations, violence, and swearing. No swords were crossed in the making of this fantasy series.




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Get the Entire Series for Just $0.99 Each!

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