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Jackson Hole is a playground for new money as vast as the western sky. But when a young socialite is found slain, it threatens to tear the valley apart.

Local cowgirl Lane Brouwer has sworn an oath to protect the Cowboy State from the depravity that plagues big cities, but as more victims turn up dead in the forest, she discovers they belonged to a secret clique of privileged and decadent young women. Brouwer will have to look past her humble ranching roots to understand what lured elite girls to terrifying deaths in the prime of their lives.

Are these young women dying at the hands of their own circle of friends? What could possibly entice them to succumb willingly to strange forest ceremonies? To find out, she will enter a lurid world of fantasy and dread deep in the mountain forest. But just as spruce trees hide Alpine lakes, there is more than meets the eye.







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