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I don’t associate with bleeders. 

Stomping out crime is all in a day’s work for a guardian like me. Not an easy task when bleeders (vampires, shifters, fae and worse) roam the streets freely, leaving chaos in their wake. When three criminals decide that I’m the only person who can help them leave the mob life I’m dragged headfirst into their sordid world.

Damon the smoldering vampire with the bad attitude. Kai the reckless fae bad boy who’ll do anything to get in my pants. Mitch the wolf shifter who broke my heart five years ago.

When the demon crime lord who killed my father drags my best friend to Hell I have no choice but to join forces with these misfit criminals.

I’m Officer Mia Fisher and I don’t associate with bleeders. I don’t kiss bleeders and I certainly don’t fall in love with bleeders. Even if Kai, Mitch, and Damon might be the only thing standing between my town and total chaos.

Blood Dusk is a 65,000-word MFMM reverse harem paranormal romance. It features three sexy guys sharing one girl and sometimes each other. Escape into a world of dark desire in the sexy adventures of Mia and her new harem. 




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