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An unexpected phone call, from an estranged ex-wife, intrigues longtime Oregon businessman Matt Walker enough that he pays an unannounced visit to his old home in time to find the street lined with police cars. While questioning Walker, the detectives realize his old home is the crime scene and demand he enters the former abode to answer questions. Upon entering, his beaten and battered ex-wife runs into his arms sobbing with relief, surprising investigators. After brief questioning from the detectives, Walker’s allowed to return home. In an effort to enjoy the autumn air and cleanse his mind of the police inquisition, Walker tries relaxing with his current wife when a body turns up at the edge of their backyard on the lake-shore further disrupting an already challenging afternoon. Detective Mara Graley, a seasoned detective nearing retirement and dealing with her aging father, notices an odd exchange between Walker and his former wife when she runs into his arms. Graley’s partner, a rookie with a brash attitude and anger issues, wants to lock Walker up, sure he is guilty. The two detectives scramble, trying to piece together recent events, wondering if there’s a connection and is Walker to blame? A pillar of the community, now facing serious allegations, Walker is challenged in ways he never imagined. The story weaves its way around Southern Oregon as Walters intertwines his love for the region he grew up in. Whatever you think you’ve figured out, you’ll be kept guessing until the end as the story’s well-planned and disturbing twist keeps you turning the pages in an effort to figure out what is going on.




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