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The second installment in The Claire Thomas Murder Mysteries Series…
The murdered bodies begin to appear just as a gale force storm approaches the Island and the strange methods of the murderer leaves me haunted, blaming myself that my younger sister Allie has become a victim of the twisted killer’s game. I know she is alive. She must be alive. Horrible dreams of a bloody mouth full of crooked pointy teeth and glaring blood-red eyes, ripping the flesh from my ribs from which there was no escape, haunted me.

I was now totally convinced that killer was a creature, not human at all.
Stepping closer to the water’s edge, I allowed the icy tides to sweep thick sea foam across my feet. The tide was rising swiftly, now. Huge rolling waves crashed into the rocks not far from where I stood. Icy fury swept around me as the crashing waves violently sprayed upwards as it rammed itself helplessly against the worn rocks and cliffs, and the water rose higher with each wave.

This wild sea echoed the fury that rose and fell in rhyme within my soul. The helplessness and fear had now become like a live thing inside of me. And it angered me. I hated feeling helpless. I hated feeling fear even more so. I searched deeply within my soul, blocking out my desperation over Allie, and concentrated on my higher self, seeking answers. Images of Allie flashed continuously through my thoughts, piggybacking the fear I would never find her alive in time. Then I saw it—that thing that took my sister. With a savage growl, I launched myself at the creature, who whipped around to face me, mouth open, revealing bloody rows of sharp teeth that crowded its mouth. Blood ran down its chin as the red glowing eyes widened in surprise…….

For a deliciously enchanted treat, plunge into the intriguing world of ancient beings that live not in the shadows of society, but out in the open, living semi normal everyday lives on the small southeast Island in Alaska and meet a cast of human and not so human characters who will keep you turning the pages long after darkness has fallen……


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